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Jackie was kiddnapped and raped. Once she excaped she meets One Direction and two of the boys fall for her. Even though she has scars from the torture of the man who took at the age of 12. But, the man finds her and is ready to kill anyone to get her back.


7. Let me talk to her

Niall's POV
Not again! Zayn and Louis walked up to Ed and started to push him out of the door.
Ed: Let me talk to her.
Zayn: No way you aren't gonna hurt her!
Ed: I won't!
Louis: Why should we belive you?
Ed: I don't know.
Liam: Exactly so you can't.
I looked over at Jackie who was frozen with fear. I walked over to her.
Me: Don't worry everything is going to be alright. We eon't let him hurt you.
She looked at me with fear and trust in her eyes. Ed tried to push through Zayn and Louis. I saw Harry behind Ed.
Me: Why don't you just leave okay?
He turned around and left. Harry walked in.
Louis: You're okay!!
Harry: Yea. Uh what about Jackie?
Me: She's fine.
Jackie: Hey curls.
Harry: Hey blondie.
Jackie got up and hugged him.
Jackie: I missed you.
Harry: I missed you too.
Oh great she likes Harry.
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