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Jackie was kiddnapped and raped. Once she excaped she meets One Direction and two of the boys fall for her. Even though she has scars from the torture of the man who took at the age of 12. But, the man finds her and is ready to kill anyone to get her back.


3. Ed!?!

Jackie's POV

I was woken up by someone jumping on the bed and loud guitar struming and sing-yelling.

Niall: I'm sorry.
Me: For what?

I felt extremly cold water dumped on me.

Me: Fuck you.
Niall: Well!
Me: Don't wake me up.
Niall: Our friend is here!
Me: What is his name?
Niall: Ed Sheeran.
Me: I'm not going out there!
Niall: Why?
Me: He's the man who raped me every single day every other hour.
Niall: Okay. Guys!
They all ran in one by one. Niall closed the door.
Niall: No one tell Ed Jackie is here.
Harry: Why?
Me: He raped me.

They were all quiet until the door sung open and all I saw was a gun. Heard a BAM then darkness. Then I was on stae then the spotlight go brighter and brighter then something was pulling me back.

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