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Jackie was kiddnapped and raped. Once she excaped she meets One Direction and two of the boys fall for her. Even though she has scars from the torture of the man who took at the age of 12. But, the man finds her and is ready to kill anyone to get her back.


8. At the Hotel

Niall's POV
The next day Jackie and Harry were getting discharged from the hospital. We went back to the hotel. Jackie went into our room. The thought kept going through my head that Jackie likes Harry. I walked into our room.
Jackie: Hey Niall.
Me: Hey Jackie.
Jackie: What's the matter?
Me: Do you like Harry?
Jackie: As a friend. You think I like Harry?
Me: Yea.
Jackie: Why would that make you-- Oh I see.
Me: Heh yea.
Jackie started to laugh.
Jackie: What the hell would you see in me?
Me: You're perfect to me.
Jackie: Awe!
Me: Will you be my girlfriend?
Jackie: Yes.
I heard footsteps running. I looked out side and saw Harry Louis And Liam looking at Zayn's room door confused.
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