You're Mine.

Ally just finished college and couldn't wait for the holidays but little did she know that she would meet one of the biggest boy bands in right now. One Direction. She went on holiday to America and was staying in the same hotel as One Direction! She wasn't a fan of them but she didn't hate them as well. Who knew that Zayn Malik and Harry Styles would have fallen for her? Who did she pick? Find out...


7. Was I only a one night stand?..

Zayn's POV:

Woke up with a beautiful girl with her head on my chest. She looked so cute while she was asleep. I ran my fingers through her hair and wow she was beautiful. Her eyes flickered open and she looked at me and I said "morning beautiful" and she said "Good morning" . I said "your beautiful" why did i just say that? "Did I actually say it out loud?" She said "yes you did and thank you" she start blushing and got out of bed wore a hoodie on and went inside to have a shower. I was listening to songs in the room and thought of checking my twitter just in case there were any photos of me and Ally but there weren't any. Few. Ally came out in a towel and wow she had some fine legs. Sound like a pervert but she's beautiful in anyway. I went on the laptop again and she start singing the song that was on the laptop and I did aswell and we were twirling around in the room. At the end we both ended up being on the floor laughing. She's so fun to be around. "Zayn, get me some clothes please" i ran to the closet and got her sweatpants and a hoodie" she said "thanks" and got changed and got ready.

Ally's POV:

I went downstairs and thought of making breakfast so I did until them Zayn came downstairs in no tee shirt and jeans. I asked him "Zayn, you going to go out like that" and he said "yeah, new style" and he winked at me. "Haha zayn, very funny" "I wasn't trying to be funny" "ok ok" "ooh! U made breakfast, lets dig in" we both sat down and ate. I had a question on my mind that I wanted to ask Zayn but I wasn't too sure about it? About I still asked and said "Zayn?" "Yep" "w-was I only a one night stand?"
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