You're Mine.

Ally just finished college and couldn't wait for the holidays but little did she know that she would meet one of the biggest boy bands in right now. One Direction. She went on holiday to America and was staying in the same hotel as One Direction! She wasn't a fan of them but she didn't hate them as well. Who knew that Zayn Malik and Harry Styles would have fallen for her? Who did she pick? Find out...


4. I Like You

Zayn's POV:

Wow! She was sitting right opposite me and I was just trying to make a conversation. I caught her staring at me a lot of times. Then we stared at each other for 10-15 seconds and then i quickly looked down and went all pink. Harry, Jess and Anne were talking and then Ally the girl that i cant stop staring at said she'll get some drinks and i said i would help her and she said sure. We went inside the kitchen and she said how is my career? And i said its going good and i told her it could be annoying sometimes because of the media and the papparazi! She asked if we like the fans and i said yeh we love them. We were talking to each other the whole time (in the kitchen) and then I told her she was beautiful.

Ally's POV:

He just said im beautiful! Oh my gosh! I said thanks and that he's very handsome. He started blushing. He said maybe the guys and us girls could go to the club today. And i said sure, the girls would love it. Zayn said 'wouldnt you love it' and i said 'yes, but im not a directioner like them both' he said 'thank god! I like a girl that isnt a one direction fan' and i quickly looked at him and he said 'did i say that out loud' and i said yea you did. He went pink and I mumbled 'I like you too'
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