You're Mine.

Ally just finished college and couldn't wait for the holidays but little did she know that she would meet one of the biggest boy bands in right now. One Direction. She went on holiday to America and was staying in the same hotel as One Direction! She wasn't a fan of them but she didn't hate them as well. Who knew that Zayn Malik and Harry Styles would have fallen for her? Who did she pick? Find out...


5. Glammed up.

Zayn's POV:

Oh my days! She just said she likes me too! I faked that I never heard what she said and I asked her if she said anything and she start blushing and said no. I was over the moon! I wanted to look my best so i told her that I would pick her up when we go clubbing. I told Harry to come with me and we both left their room. Harry asked me about what they were doing in the kitchen with a smirk on his face and I said to him 'nothing special, and no I never done anything about what you're thinking about' he start laughing and I asked him which one of the girls he likes and he said Jessica and then he said No Anne and then he said Jess and then Anne! I said 'pick one Harry!' He goes okay and says 'BOTH' and I said fine but today we're going clubbing with the girls so please pick one okay. And he said 'I can't wait'.

Ally's POV:

I went inside the living area and Jess and Anne were talking about zayn so I sat next to them and I asked 'wassup?' And they both said at the same time that 'you and zayn are made for each other' and I start blushing and Jess said 'See, you do like him and they both asked about what happened in the kitchen and I told them the whole story because they were my best mates! And then they start screaming and I made them shut up and I told them that we're going clubbing with the boys and their faces lit up! I couldn't wait for the evening myself to be honest. I picked out the perfect outfit. A black short tight dress which shows a little bit of my cleavage, my shoes were some silver sparkly heels because they make my legs look perfect. Jess wore a maroon dress and that colour always suits her and she had her nude wedges on. Anne wore a silver sparkly shirt and wore a mini skirt which was plain black but it looked like a dress. Us three were glammed up.
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