You're Mine.

Ally just finished college and couldn't wait for the holidays but little did she know that she would meet one of the biggest boy bands in right now. One Direction. She went on holiday to America and was staying in the same hotel as One Direction! She wasn't a fan of them but she didn't hate them as well. Who knew that Zayn Malik and Harry Styles would have fallen for her? Who did she pick? Find out...


6. Clubbing.

Zayn's POV:

I went to pick up the girls so that we all could go to the club and I knocked on the door and quickly sorted my hair out and then someone opened the door and it wuz Ally! She looked stunning! I couldn't take my eyes of her! There was something about her, which made her different from the others! Ally said 'Zayn!' And hugged me and kissed me on the cheek! It was so nice! I wanted her to be all mine. I told the girls to come with me and they all followed me. When we were in the elevator me and Ally were just staring at each other until Jess quickly said 'oh my gosh! I know Anne! Ally and Zayn just need to get together' Anne whispered loudly to Jess and said 'they heard that! You gotta keep it down'. I went red and looked up at Ally and she had a smirk on her face.

Ally's POV:

Jess is so crazy! She had to say that out loud! But I knew zayn liked it! I just knew! I had a smirk on my face and zayn looked up at me and his cheeks were pink! He looked so cute! Then we got out and went inside the limo and the boys were already inside and we all became mates! They all were so nice but I loved Zayn. I seen Harry staring at me some times but I didn't care because I was with zayn the whole time. We reached the club and me and Zayn had a lot of drinks! We both went crazy! I grabbed Zayns hand and went with him to the dance floor! His hands were all over my body but I liked it.

Zayns POV:

I grabbed Ally's hand and took her to a quiter place inside the club. It was only me and her. Ally was leaning on the wall and I came closer to her and she said 'Zayn, I really like you' and I put her chin up and gave her a passionate kiss. I never felt like that before. She was different. And then I stopped and said i like her too. We both were kissing a lot. Me and Ally wanted to go back to the hotel so I told the driver to take us back and we went inside Ally's room..
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