This Is Your Life Now

Caroline is a very carefree person. She isn't the kind of girl who runs around with boys. She has only had two boyfriends. But, since the first day she saw One Direction's Niall Horan, all she thinks about is meeting him. Will everything turn out okay for her? Or will her bestfriend come in between her and Niall?


5. One Month

***1 month later**


Niall's POV

Since that concert, everything lately has been amazing. I have my family, my best mates, and of course my princess. We're still going strong and so far everything has been amazing. Today, Caroline and I are going to meet one of her friends at the airport. She was the girl who was with Caroline in the dressing room at first but she had to leave. Her name is Alexis. From what I've gathered from it was that she absolutly loves Liam. The only bad thing about that is that Dani and him just called it quits and im almost positive he doesnt even want to look at any girls right now. But, the plane ride is a long one so im planning something really romantic for carol and i's one month for today. 

Caroline's POV

Today is the day we pick up Alexis. She's coming in from Cali right now so this plane ride will probably take her a while. In the meantime, Niall said he had a surprise for me, which i guess im pretty excited for it. Niall can be a romantic guy, i just cant see him bringing me to a fancy resturant or anything like that. Alexis is supposed to be getting in around 12 tonight, so that gives us plenty of time. 


Caroline's POV

It's almost here. As im getting ready, my phone keeps buzzing. Of course, it was niall. 

Babeeee-Babe, I just wanted to tell you that i love you and cant wait until tonight.

-i love you too. im almost ready. you can leave the house now.

Babeeee-i was too excited so im already outside.

-okay, give me a few minutes.

i was so excited. 

Niall's POV

im waiting in my car and im freaking out. Im so excited for this night, but so nervous. 

**10min later**

"Hey babe" she looked stunning. "heeey" she said. "so where are we going?" "Well I wanted to bring you somewhere special, since its a special night." she respondedd, "okay"

Caroline's POv

he looked perfect. he was wearing a suit with his hair to the side. I could tell he was nervous when i got in, but hes never nervous around me; i couldnt figure out what was going on. 

Niall POV

"Caroline, I wanted to bring you here for a special reason. This is where my parents went on their first legit date and this is also when my dad introduced my mom to his parent. So, i wanted to do the same. I've never done this with any girl before. Theyve met my parents, just not at the same resturant that my parents did. I'm crazy about you and i want you to know that im serious about all of this. I love you."

Caroline's POV

He kissed me. He has never kissed me this passionately. It felt so right, like he really meant what he said. And i believed him. I loved him too, i really did. Tonight was going to be amazing. 

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