This Is Your Life Now

Caroline is a very carefree person. She isn't the kind of girl who runs around with boys. She has only had two boyfriends. But, since the first day she saw One Direction's Niall Horan, all she thinks about is meeting him. Will everything turn out okay for her? Or will her bestfriend come in between her and Niall?


4. Nice to meet you

Niall's POV 

She was so perfect. She was my kind of girl. She had brown, long, wavy hair. She was beautiful. She walked into my personal dressing room. As she walked in, I noticed that she felt very awkward coming into my dressing room. 

Caroline's POV

"Hey, Im Caroline." I looked into his beautiful crystal clear eyes. There was a period of silence before he introduced himself. "Hey, Im N....." "iall Horan.." I said. "How'd you know?" He seriously thought that i didn't know his name. "Who doesn't know you? You're the Niall Horan from the hottest British boy band One Direction. 

Niall's POV

How did you get back here? "Oh..uhm..I kind of snuck back here in the middle of the show." I was glad she had risked her teenage non-grounded life to meet me. I was thrilled. "I hope you don't think im a freak for saying this, but, you're the girl I saw today in the crowd. I was telling the guys how perfect you were. How perfect you would be with me. I know we just met, but let's give it a try. Now that I've met you, I can't stand to not be with you every day. 

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