This Is Your Life Now

Caroline is a very carefree person. She isn't the kind of girl who runs around with boys. She has only had two boyfriends. But, since the first day she saw One Direction's Niall Horan, all she thinks about is meeting him. Will everything turn out okay for her? Or will her bestfriend come in between her and Niall?


2. Cardboard Cut-Out In Real Life

Caroline's POV 

*2 days later*

We were on our way to the One Direction concert. Since my mom got me 3 tickets, I got to bring one of my friends with me. Her name was Alexis. She was so much more into them than I was. She had been to a concert, but said if she ever went again, she wold make sure we met them. I was wearing my high-waisted shorts and the 1D tanktop that i got for my birthday. As we walked in, we saw tons of girls crying and freaking out. Everyone was trying to buy all the merchandise, especially the onesies. Once we go to our seats, I realized that we were pretty close to the stage. If I say so myself, third row is pretty good. 

*45 minutes later* 

The opening act just finished. He was amazing! His name was Ed Sheeran. He sang 'Lego House.' 

*10 minutes later*

Please welcome, ONE DIRECTIONNN!" We all screamed so loud! Especially me and Alexis! My mom was kind of getting into it, too. The first song they sang was NaNaNa. I kept forgeting how perfect their voices were. Especially Nialls. It was that time in the concert where one of the boys would take someone's phone with the best case of the boys, and take a video. I was hoping it was going to be mine. My case had a infinity sign and has 'directioner' carved into it. They didn't pick mine, but that did not let me down. I knew some way or another i would meet them. 


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