This Is Your Life Now

Caroline is a very carefree person. She isn't the kind of girl who runs around with boys. She has only had two boyfriends. But, since the first day she saw One Direction's Niall Horan, all she thinks about is meeting him. Will everything turn out okay for her? Or will her bestfriend come in between her and Niall?


3. Backstage

Caroline's POV

"Alexis, how are we going to do this?" By this time, we had got back stage and could see the boys' dressing rooms. We knew security would be very low right now, only because the boys were on stage; so you know, we took a chance; we got into the dressing room. 

*1 hour later* 

The boys are done. Finally. Me and Alexis hide under the couch and try our best to stay calm. We started hearing footsteps. One after the other. We also heard British accents. It was them. The boys were just having a laugh about how fun tonight was. I noticed Niall wasn't talking. The whole time we were in there I never heard his voice once. Everything started settling down and Harry had noticed that Niall wasn't saying a whole lot. He kept asking what was wrong but he just sat there and looked at the ground. After Harry had asked him a few more times he screamed out, "Harry, I don't know what to do! I saw this girl in the third row, and she was just beautiful. She looked perfect." Harry kind of just stayed quiet. "Mate, you know how I said the next girl i date will be MY princess? Well, I don't know how this is possible, but I will make her my princess. 

*10 minutes later* 

It was getting late and I figured that if i wanted to meet them, now would be the perfect time. So, I said "hello." everyone looked around trying to figure out if they really just heard some random girl say hello. They blew it off and kept talking. After about 10 more minutes I came out from under the couch and I told them to not call the cops. That me and my friend love them more than anything. I noticed as I said that, Niall and Harry went off to the corner of the room and started whispering. When they finally came and sat down, HArry looked at me and said "Were you sitting in the third row?" I told him yes and he said "Would you like to meet my bestfriend Niall?" For a second I was like no, i cannot be the girl he was talking about. How could this be me? 

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