forever and ever sequel to bestfriends with the boy from doncaster

niall and lauren have been broken up for almost a year.they both know that they are still in love with each other they are both miserable. when the other boys of one direction try and get lauren and niall back togeather by locking them in nialls flat for 2 weeks what will happen will they stay broken up or will they men each others broken hearts.


10. wake up call

i woke up to the sound of my phone ringing. i groaned and looked around for it.when i found it i picked it up


person: hello is this mrs.spike

me: um yes hwo may i help you

person: well hi im Richard from rw recording records and we have heard some of your music and we would like to sign you to our label

me: oh my god is this for real

person: yes coem in 12:00 today and we will record some stuff and see how you like it

me: okay thank you

we hung up after them giving me the address

i jumped around back and forth all around my room

"Niall guess what " i screamed " what love?"

"rw records heard some of my music and now they want to sign me " i squealed his eyes widened and he jumped out of beed embarrassing me and lifting me up and twirling me around " niall will you go with me im kinda nervous " i said he nodded and i went to go take a shower .

when i got out Niall was already ready i changed into something cute but certificated. (

i grabbed my bag and phonea nd we headed out

when we got ther i took a deep breath niall noticed my nervous ness and intwinned our hands " you will do great dont worry " i nodded and pecked his lips we got out and walked inside the building we had to wait in the waiting room till they called us " mrs spike" the secretary called i took a deep breath and walked into the hall i pushed open the door this was my chance

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