forever and ever sequel to bestfriends with the boy from doncaster

niall and lauren have been broken up for almost a year.they both know that they are still in love with each other they are both miserable. when the other boys of one direction try and get lauren and niall back togeather by locking them in nialls flat for 2 weeks what will happen will they stay broken up or will they men each others broken hearts.


15. the big day

i breathed in as i took a look at my self in the mirror my gorgeous wedding dress fitting me like a glove.

my heart was racing from how excited i was. i couldn't wait to walk down that isle.

soon the door burst open and there stood Niall's mom.she looked at me and gasped taking in her view. " you look beautiful darling" she said placing a delicate kiss on my cheek and wishing em luck.

when i was told that it was time i slowly walked out of my fitting room. i soon came face to face with harry since he would be replacing my dad.

we slowly walked down and Niall looked as handsome as ever he looked gorgeous. he looked up and saw me. a smiling being placed on his lips. that walked seemed like one of the longest walks in my whole life but when i finally got there niall took his hands into mine.

we said our i dos and soon we were off.

we had a great night ful of dancing and singing. niall and i danced and soon enough it felt like it was just niall and i in the room  and nobody else .after a long night me and niall waved our fair wells to every one as we headed to our honey moon.

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