forever and ever sequel to bestfriends with the boy from doncaster

niall and lauren have been broken up for almost a year.they both know that they are still in love with each other they are both miserable. when the other boys of one direction try and get lauren and niall back togeather by locking them in nialls flat for 2 weeks what will happen will they stay broken up or will they men each others broken hearts.


4. last first kiss;/

he soon pulled away  and i looked away

"niall- i said

"no please listen to me i love you i always have and always will and im am going to do everything to get you back and i wont stop till i have you. and if it takes forever then so be it just please let em show you" i nodded and walked away.

"well im going to take a shower " i said slowly grabbing my clothes and getting ready

i looked at my phone looking at the time it was already 2:00 i sighed again. when i stepped into the shower i stood there letting the water hit me thinking about the previous events that only happened minutes ago.

when i came out i felt the coldness hit my body quickly. i rushed putting my clothes on to get the warmth back again.

changing into a aritzia sweater and pairing it with leggings. i put on some socks that reach half way up to my caff and i put my hair in a messy bun. i applied some bb cream and eyeliner with mascara.

i sprayed some perfume and came out of the wash room. i put my things in the hamper and went looking for niall

"niall " i called out a couple of times before finding him with a bowl of popcorn a bunch of my favorite chocolates and candy. he turned around

"we are going to start fresh " he said standing up

" hi im niall horan i am in the band one direction and i love a certain girl from Manchester" he said finishing off his statement.

i chucked " hi im Lauren spike i love to sing in dance and i love a certain Irish boy in the band one direction" is said

"well would you maybe ...erm wanna have a movie date since i cant actually take you out" he said sounding a bit nervous and i chuckled at it.

what should i do should i say yes and see where it takes me or say no and leave him there?

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