forever and ever sequel to bestfriends with the boy from doncaster

niall and lauren have been broken up for almost a year.they both know that they are still in love with each other they are both miserable. when the other boys of one direction try and get lauren and niall back togeather by locking them in nialls flat for 2 weeks what will happen will they stay broken up or will they men each others broken hearts.


13. dinner at louis

the next morning my eyes fluttered open squinting at the light coming in. niall had his arm around me securly it took me awhile to get out of his grip. but when i finally got out of his grip i went to take a shower throwing on a new outfit. i dont know why but i had the feeling that i wanted to impress niall even though he dosnt really seem to notice.

today was warm so i put on this outfit ( when i came out niall was still sleeping. i wanted to wake him up it was about 12:00.

i shook him a little but he still didnt wake up. i thought of what else then i remebered the first time i tried waking him up.


i tried shoving Niall awake but he wouldn't budge.

i looked down at Niall's lips i could give it a try.

i  placed my lips on his and soon enough his eyes fluttered open and a smile appeared on his face.

before i could move he secured his arms around me so i couldn't move.

to get more comfortable i rolled on top of him his lips met mine halfway and we moved in sync

. i eventually pulled away.

"Niall its almost 9:30 do wanna do something today"

he nodded and then said "that's a great idea im going to take you on a date but first lets go to the mall"


breacking my thoughts i crawled on him and leaned down softly kissing his lips i soon felt him kissing back. i ran my hands through his hair. i wanted to stay here for ever. breacking my thoughts i pulled away we sat there my stradiling him he had a pout face on "niall um lou asked me if we wanted to go to dinner at his place ??" i said nervously i heard him chuckle " why are you so nervouse love" "im just i dont know but i thought maybe youd be hungry and we can go to lunch i mean only if you want to or we can order something or maybe- i was soon cut off by a pair of lips " i dont mind id love to let me just get ready " i nodded and got off i grabbed my bag and phone waiting in my living room.


i texted lou while i waited for niall. soon he came out and we headed for lunch.

we drove for what seemed like for ever but we spent the whole time talking and joking around. soont he car stopped and we had pulled up to a cute little italian resturant. we sat got seated and waited for some one to take our orders.

soon a guy the was holding a notepad came infront of our table. he was pretty cute he smiled at me " what may i get you beautfiul" he smirked at me i smiled back and took my order and for you sir he asked niall.

niall ordered when the waiter walked away i looked at niall he looked angry. i sighed and we sat in silence.

once we got int the car the silence was killing me."niall im sorry did i do something to upset you" i asked hoping he could tell me .

he sat there with no reply leaving em hanging. i wondereed why he got so jealous there was nothing to get jealous at.

i heard him sigh loudly "you know i love you and sometimes i get jealous and im sorry if sometimes i am a jerk just bare with me im really trying " i smiled at him and kissed him softly "the fact that you even can admit it i love you for it and dotn worry niall i love you and nobody else and the i stop loving you will be the day that i am in the ground laying beside you"

he chuckled.

later at louis

the boys ,danielle,perrie,eleanor and i all sat at the table talking and chatting . until i heard niall tap on his glass.

"i would like to make an announcment" i turned to see him on his knee beside me. "

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