forever and ever sequel to bestfriends with the boy from doncaster

niall and lauren have been broken up for almost a year.they both know that they are still in love with each other they are both miserable. when the other boys of one direction try and get lauren and niall back togeather by locking them in nialls flat for 2 weeks what will happen will they stay broken up or will they men each others broken hearts.


12. boyfriend or girlfriend

i waited for his response i was getting worried that he was trying to find a way of telling me no. when i looked up at him he looked like he was in deep thought. i waved my hand in front of his face. "Niall " i said trying to get his attention "what- sorry i was just thinking " he said sounding guilty "Niall if you don't want to be then you could just say no " i said quietly. " no no ! its not that it is just that i don't want to hurt you like i did before that's what got us in this whole mess in the fist place" he said sincerely "Niall you wont i feel like this time it will work out why do you think that we always cross paths if it wasn't meant to be than it would have been over along time ago." i said "okay" he said i raised my i brow wondering what that meant "okay.." i repeater waiting for him to finish off the sentence. " okay i will be your boyfriend and you will be my girlfriend .


i cheered in happiness. breaking me from my cheer Niall smashed his lips on mine as our lips moved in sync he placed his hands on my waist rubbing circles into my hips. i had missed the sensation of his lips on mine.


later that night we had decided to make a nice dinner and then talk. i pecked Niall on the  lip and we lay in bed cuddled. my phone started buzzing and i looked at the caller id it was louis

L: hello

Me:hi Louis whats up

L: nothing just wondering if you and Niall made up yet

Me: yes we have you know i really want to thank  you Louis if it wasn't for you we wouldn't be back together.

L: no problem just looking out for my best mates i also wanted to ask you if you wanted to maybe come to dinner tomorrow night with the rest of the gang we are going to this restaurant.

Me : yeah sure ill ask Niall and ill text you tomorrow morning

L: okay then love i will talk to you later

Me: okay by Louis love you

as i hanged up the phone i saw Niall fast asleep still having a a secure arm around me.


i turned off the light and went to bed i would ask him in the morning

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