Falling for you

Chloe's little sister Emma, a major One Direction fan, dragged her to one of their concerts in Berlin. Emma couldn't go alone so she convinced Chloe to come with her since Ed was performing too. Chloe hates One Direction. But when she was standing front row at the concert something hit her head, hard. And that was the start of her falling for someone, hard.


1. The Concert

Me and my sister Emma, were standing front row. Ed Sheeran just finished and I sighed. I was a big fan of Ed and he was amazing tonight, but now all the girls were screaming because now it was One Directions turn. I made sure to bring my earplugs so I wouldn't become deaf. Those girls all screamed so loud! The screaming got even crazier when the boys came on stage waving at the crowd. "Are you ready Berlin?!" the curly haired boy shouted. My sister was screaming and crying. I rolled my eyes. These boys had so much influence on all those poor little girls, but of course they would never care much. They're world famous and they know they can get all the girls they want. I always told Emma this, but she never listened to me of course. 

One Direction started their first song, and the curly haired one was dancing and jumping around just in front of us. All the girls around me screamed even louder, even my earplugs didn't help much against the noise. I tried to cover my ears when something hit my head, and then fell against my chest down my cleavage. Gosh, that hurt a lot. The object was quite heavy. I was a bit confused, as I picked the object out of my shirt. It was an iPhone. I pressed the home button and saw a picture of 5 boys pulled into a group hug on a stage. Wait, this must be the phone of one of the boys, it must've slipped out of their pocket when they were jumping on stage. I put it in my pocket, thinking I should hand it back to them.


When the concert was over I went to the hallway that lead to the changing rooms. Of course security stopped me saying that I wasn't allowed to go there. I tried to explain that one of the boys dropped their phones and that it landed on my head but they wouldn't believe me. I went back to Emma, explaining to her what happened. She squeaked as she wanted to scream but I covered her mouth with my hand before she got the chance. "We have to try to unlock it!" she said. "Let me try something...", she tried a couple of numbers and to my surprise one of the combinations was the right one. "This is Harry's phone, I knew it would be his mum's birthday" she said, smiling, clearly full of herself. I lifted my eyebrows, looking at her confused. "How do you know his mum's birthday?" I asked her. She rolled her eyes. "Every big fan knows, and they also know how much he loves his mum", she said like this should be obvious. I shrugged. "Well, lets call one of his band members to say we have Harry's phone.", I offered. "Try Liam Payne", Emma said. "Why?" "Because he's my favourite and he's the nicest", she replied smiling to me like a fool. I rolled my eyes but did as she asked. 

"Hello, is this Liam Payne?" I asked as he picked up. "Yes, who is this? How did you get Harry's phone?" he asked, clearly confused. "I'll explain later, but I just want to give it back to him. I'm standing in front of the hallway to the dressing rooms but of course security wouldn't let me pass. Please come find me so I can hand Harry his phone back?" I said. "How do you know you're not just a crazy fan who just want to meet us?" he said, and I laughed. "O believe me, I'm not a fan" I said. "Okay... Well me and Harry are on our way to you", he replied sounding quite surprised and he hung up. 

I saw them appearing down the hallway minute later. They told security it was alright and let me pass. My sister stayed behind and I told her to get back to our appartment, that I would be coming later. She nodded, stunned by the sight of Harry and Liam. She waved at them and they waved at her too. "Good bye love", Liam said. Maybe Emma was right, he was quite nice... 

"So, how did you get my phone?" Harry asked me. "Well, I think it must've slipped out of your pocket as you were jumping on stage because it hit my head and then, well landed on my chest..." I said awkwardly at the last part. He laughed, he seemed to think it was funny. "It's not funny, it really hurt!" I said, slapping him playfully. Liam laughed too. I blushed. "Well, you could also just thank me for handing you back your phone." I said, crossing my arms across my chest. "Okay okay, thank you...." he began. "Chloe", I said. "Thank you Chloe, I'm really grateful. How can I make it up to you?" he said, smirking at me. "Well, not what you probably have in mind, I'm not a fan of yours so yeah..." I said. "You're not?" Harry pouted at me and Liam joined him. I had to confess, these boys were quite funny. "Well, just come hang out with us for a while? I think you're a nice girl" Harry offerd me. Liam grinned and whispered something in Harry's ear, thinking I didn't hear it but I did. He said: "And you think she's fit". I laughed at them and they blushed. "You heard that didn't you?" Liam asked. "Yes," I said, still laughing at them. "Well, are you coming to our dressing room or not? We can show you around back stage," Harry said. Why not, I thought. I've never been back stage of an arena. "Sure, why not?" I replied. Harry instantly smiled at me and I grinned back. 

He grabbed my hand leading me to a door, with their band name on it. "One Direction's Dressing Room", I read out loud. "That's right!" Liam said, smirking at me. Harry opened the door for me. "After you babe", he said, which made me laugh. I stepped inside, seeing three boys sitting on the couch laughing. "Hey..." I said. "This is Chloe!" Harry called. "Chloe, this is Niall, Zayn and Louis", he pointed at the three boys. They waved at me. "Pleasure to meet you, Chloe", Louis said. "Pleasure to meet you too!", I said, making a bow. They laughed. "Well, what brings you here Chloe?" the blonde guy, Niall, asked. "Well, Harry lost his phone on stage and, uhm, hit my head so I brought it back to him" I said, looking down. All the boys laughed. "Harry why did you have your phone in your pocket on stage?" Louis asked, laughing at Harry. Harry blushed. "Well, I must've forgot that it was still in my pocket..." he said, still blushing. It was kind of adorable actually. Everyone laughed really hard. These boys were actually quite fun and easy to be around. 

Then someone entered the dressing room, I was sitting on the arm of the couch next to Louis, and we were all chatting and laughing. "Hey Ed!", Harry called. I instantly turned around. There stood my idol, Ed Sheeran. The boys must've seen the look on my face because they were all laughing at me. "I bet you're a fan of Ed?" Louis asked, smirking at me. I blushed. "Yes!" I said, a little bit too loud and all the boys laughed again. Ed walked over to me. "So, who're you?" he asked. I was stunned. "Hey, I'm Chloe", I said and shook his hand. He pulled me into a hug. I had a huge smile on my face. "Can I take a picture with you?" I asked. "Of course love! Harry, can you take a picture?" he said and asked Harry. I handed him my phone and he took a picture. "Thank you so much Ed! You were amazing tonight." I said, and he thanked me. "How come you act like this around Ed and not around us?" Harry asked, pouting at me. I laughed. "Because I'm an Ed fan!" I said, and Ed laughed at me. "Haha this is probably the first time a girl chooses me over the boys of One Direction", he said. We all laughed. 

The boys, including Ed, showed me around back stage and they even brought me on stage. The arena was now empty, but I imagined a sold out arena. "Wow, it must be amazing standing here in front of a full arena" I said, turning around to face the boys. They all grinned at me. "Yeah, it really is. We're really lucky we get to do this, all around the world", Louis said. I think I may have underestimated these boys. They are really grateful, just normal boys, they aren't arrogant whatsoever. I smiled. Then I looked at my watch. "Gosh! It's already 1 am!" I shrieked. "I have to get to my appartment, before my sister starts worrying." "Don't worry, Louis and I will bring you there. Where is your appartment?" Harry said. "Friedrichstraße 112A, thank you!", I replied. We left the stage and I got into Harry's car with Louis. This night couldn't get any weirder, but I loved it.

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