Falling for you

Chloe's little sister Emma, a major One Direction fan, dragged her to one of their concerts in Berlin. Emma couldn't go alone so she convinced Chloe to come with her since Ed was performing too. Chloe hates One Direction. But when she was standing front row at the concert something hit her head, hard. And that was the start of her falling for someone, hard.


4. Shopping with Harry

Me and Harry went shopping, and before we had visited a shop we were arguing about where to go. Harry wanted to go to the east part of Berlin since the more expensive shops were there, but I said I didn't have the money to buy things from those shops. Then we had another argument since Harry suggested to let him buy me stuff which I refused. We then just ended up laughing and we decided to do a bus tour through Berlin. That was actually really fun and I genuinely had a good time, and I could tell Harry had too although there were a few girls on the bus who were constantly staring at us and taking pictures. I just found them silly and made fun of them but Harry was quite annoyed and he said I shouldn't insult his fans. "O but I would never, my sister's one of your biggest fans!" I said grinning. "Well, she did well when we were at your house then because she didn't start screaming like all the other girls", he said. "Yes she was a good girl, but only because I told her not to scream since you didn't like that", I replied smirking at him. He started tickling me and I couldn't handle it and I accidentally fell off the bench in the bus we were sitting on. Harry just laughed at me but eventually he helped me up. 

The bus stopped at Brandenburger Tor so we could have a little break. Harry and I went to have lunch and Harry fed me, which was really funny since the food didn't exactly ended up in my mouth, but all over my face and on my shirt. I looked like a mess and Harry was just constantly grinning at me. "Now we should go buy you some new clothes", he said smirking amusingly. "And we're in the east part right now so we'll go to Lafayettes (a beautiful warehouse with all the expensive brands), since I heard it's really nice". I groaned. "Okay you got me there but I won't let you buy me expensive stuff!" I said, pointing my finger at him. But of course this happened anyhow. He asked a woman at the shop to help me select clothes and I had to try them on. I tried outfit after outfit and Harry let the woman hold every item I liked and even some items he liked on me. Then he just went to pay for all of it before I was even changed into my own clothes again. "Harry, why did you do this?", I said complaining. "Because, you are beautiful and these clothes just looked stunning on you!", he said, smiling contently. He was clearly happy because he got it his way, which I learned he liked. "Okay but please let me carry those bags", I said. "Nope", he replied, smirking cheekily and running away with the bags. 

We then continued with the bus store and we made another stop. Harry and I went to a little souvenir shop to shelter from the rain and we tried on some funny glasses, just laughing all the time. Then Harry came to me with a necklace and put it on me. It was really cheeky but I liked it. "Now you'll always remember this day", he said with a smirk on his face. "Thanks Harry", I replied grinning back at him.

The bus tour ended so we went back to my apartment, Louis and Emma still weren't back so I guess they were still at the boys' hotel. Harry and I then decided to have dinner at the little restaurant across the street. It was really sweet and the food was really good.

"When are you heading back home?" I asked Harry. "Well, we're on our world tour right now so first we'll have some more shows here in Germany and then we'll go to Italy, Spain and Portugal and then back to the Nehterlands.", he replied. "Wow, that sounds really cool. I always wanted to do a road trip across Europe, and it's your job!". "Yeah, it's amazing. But also quite stressful, I'm always really nervous before a gig." That was actually really sweet, I thought. "What about you? You live here right?" he asked me. "No, I live in Amsterdam", I replied. He looked confused, "Amsterdam?". "Yes, my father is from Germany but my mother is Dutch and I've lived in the Netherlands for my whole live", I said, explaining. "Well, I'm also doing a gig in Amsterdam so are you coming?" he asked, smirking again. "Well, you know I'm not really a fan of your music and I don't have tickets", I said. He made a sad face. "Please? I'll give you a backstage pass", he pouted. I sighed. There was no way arguing with him, he always seemed to win. "Okay okay, but only if you give my sister one too, she won't ever forgive me if I went to a One Direction concert without bringing her", I replied. Harry's face turned from said to happy. His eyes were twinkling with joy. I chuckled at this. He looked like a little kid opening his presents on christmas morning right now. "Of course, I'll send you two backstage passes!", he replied, still smiling and that smile didn't leave his face the whole evening and I couldn't help but to smile back at him. 

We walked back to my apartment and I saw Emma was there now too. "Well, thanks for the lovely day and the clothes Harry, and I'll see you at your concert in Amsterdam then?" I said. He walked over to me and gave me a hug. "Thanks to you too, I really enjoyed myself today. And make sure to wear that cute outfit I bought for you when you're going to our concert", he said. I chuckled and let him go to open the door to my apartment and I closed the door behind me.

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