Falling for you

Chloe's little sister Emma, a major One Direction fan, dragged her to one of their concerts in Berlin. Emma couldn't go alone so she convinced Chloe to come with her since Ed was performing too. Chloe hates One Direction. But when she was standing front row at the concert something hit her head, hard. And that was the start of her falling for someone, hard.


2. Harry And Louis at our apartment

The car ride to my apartment wasn't long, and we sang along with the radio the whole way. When 'Live While We're Young' came on I sighed. I thought that song was so annoying. "What?" Harry asked, "Don't you like our songs?" "Well, to be honest, I don't. Some of them are okay but this song is just getting annoying. You hear it every day on the radio", I replied. Harry made a silly sad face and I slapped him playfully on his arm. Then Louis and him started singing along to their own song really loud, to annoy me. I put my hands on my ears and they laughed. Soon we were all laughing. I still didn't like One Direction as a band for their music, but these boys were actually really fun being around with. We arrived at my apartment and Harry parked the car, and we got out. "Thank you for the ride boys!" I said, and I started walking to the door. "Wait, aren't you letting us in?" Louis asked, and they both pouted at me. I grinned. "Okay okay, but stay behind me, I need to inform my sister you're here first before she starts screaming and who knows, fainting." I said. The boys laughed. "Yeah, we tend to do that to girls", Harry said, smirking at me. "Must be because we're so charming", he said, sounding so full of himself. I rolled my eyes and opened the door and they followed me. I climbed the stairs, our apartment building was really old and my apartment was on the top floor. I unlocked the door with my keys and called Emma. "Emma, I'm home!" I called. "Good, I was starting to worry!" she said, walking out of the living room in the hallway. She immediately stopped. I was confused but then I got it. Harry and Louis were standing behind me. I ran over to Emma but I was too late. She screamed. It wasn't long as I reached her and covered her mouth with my hand. "Shh, Emma you'll wake the neighbors!" I said. "What are they doing here?" she asked, still stunned, eyes wide open. "Hello to you too love," Harry said, grinning at us. "Hello..." Emma stumbled. "Please just try to act normal," I whispered in her ear. She nodded at me, her eyes were still wide open. Harry and Louis walked over to Emma and she introduced herself properly. "Uhm, do you want something to drink?" she asked. "Some tea maybe?", Louis asked. "Of course, you love tea!" she said smiling at him and walking to the kitchen. I knew that as soon as she got there she would do a happy dance. But she didn't notice we could all see her as she didn't fully close the door behind her. We burst out into laughter and she closed the door now, cheeks flaming red of embarrassment. That only made us laugh harder.

When we finally stopped laughing I showed the boys around our little apartment. "How come there's so little furniture in here?" Harry asked curious. "Well, this is actually my grandfathers old apartment. He used to live here, until he met my grandmother. He never needed much, only the necessities and well you can see that." I replied, smiling at him. He chuckled. "Yeah, you can definitely see that". We walked to the living room and sat down on the couch. Harry walked over to my grandfathers l.p collection. "Wow, this is amazing! Can I play this?" he asked as he pulled out one of the Beatles. "Yes of course! I love the Beatles," I replied. His face lit up. "You do? I love them too," he said, smiling at me. "Of course, everybody loves them," I replied. "Well, not much people our age listen to them anymore," he said. "Hmm, okay that's true", I said agreeing with him. He seemed happy that I agreed with him. He played the l.p and started dancing with Louis. My sister walked in the room again with tea and Louis immediately ran over to the table she put his tea on. "Thanks so much Emma!" he said, thanking her. She blushed. "No problem Louis," she replied, sitting down on the couch next to me.
"May I have this dance with you?" Harry asked, kneeling in front of me. I chuckled. "You may" I replied and took his hand. It was really funny how he swung me around, the old-fashioned way. Louis and Emma joined in too, and soon we were all lying on the floor as we all burst into laughing and we just couldn't stop.
"Can't... Breath..." I said, from too much laughing. "Yeah, me neither," Harry, who was laying beside me, said. I looked at the clock. "Guys, it's already 3 am!" I said, and I shot up. "You have to leave!". "Aaw, can't we stay? I don't want to drive all the way back to our hotel," Harry said, pouting at me. He was practically begging me. I finally gave in. "Fine. You'll be sleeping in the spare room," I said, rolling my eyes. "Yay!" Louis and Harry said. Emma and I chuckled at their reaction. I showed them the spare room and Emma and I went to our bedroom.

Emma was in the bathroom and I was changing into my pajama's when I heard someone knock on the door. I opened it, it was Harry. "What do you want?" I asked playfully. He smirked at me. "Well, I just wanted to wish you good night." he said, looking down. I chuckled at him. "Good night to you too!" I said and I close the door again. I was really tired so I went to bed, thinking about today. I met Ed Sheeran!! My biggest idol!! And I drifted into a deep sleep.

I woke up that morning from Harry and Louis shouting at us. "Wake up beauties!" they shouted and they stole our duvet. I groaned. I really wasn't a morning person and they made a mistake waking me up like this. I got out of bed and ran after them. "Don't think you can get away with that, Harry and Louis!" I shouted running after them. I was faster than them and I sprung on Harry's back, making us both fall. We all burst into laughing again. Emma ran out of her room, still looking sleepy. "What's going on here?" she asked, confused. We were still laughing and we both lay on the floor. "They're just having a stupid moment," Louis said, looking down at us. He grinned at Emma. Emma blushed. She was still really shy around them because she loved them so much. I got up and walked to the bathroom. "I'm going to take a shower!" I called as I close the door behind me. "No!" I heard Emma grunt. "I want to shower too, please don't make it as long as you normally do", she said complaining. "O, don't worry! I'll take even longer!" I replied sarcastically and I stripped down and jumped into the shower.
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