A poem that caused me a lot of grief when I put it on deviantArt.. :')


1. Untitled

A twisted admiration,
A love grown from friendship,
Unrequited and confusing.

A physical pain when I see you,
But our eyes meet from time to time
And I know you are not immune.

A jealousy of your closest friends,
Irrational but powerful,
Leading me to be malicious.

Not how I wish to act,
Yet you are not blameless,
Though I absolve you of it all.

After watching you suffer,
At the hands of another,
Powerless in my envy.

Our friendship goes up and down,
Mostly due to my actions,
But it has stood the test of time.

For you to blank me,
Pains me unimaginably,
Though you do not comprehend.

If you do not feel the same,
I can withstand that pain,
If I have the comfort of your friendship,
And the leisure to make you smile.

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