My Brother, Niall Horan ~Completed~

Hi I'm Riley Horan , Niall Horans younger sister. My life will never be normal but is that a good thing or a bad thing? Read on to find out x


16. Chapter 9

The tour was in 2 days, i had packed and was ready to go, nothing was going to stop me.

-1 day to go-

Lilly is freaking out right now, she hasn't even packed and were leaving at 3 am tomorrow, something good and bad has happened though, the good thing is Erica is coming on tour with us the bad thing is ... she's dating Harry, she knows he's my Favorite, and i thought he liked me, oh well i guess i was wrong. I'm heading to Erica now, i'm going to see how she's doing with the packing- she's never been that good with packing for a holiday. She had given me keys to her house, so i opened the door just to see Erica and Harry kissing. This really wound me up, i turned around and slammed the door.....


What have i done, i knew Harry was Riley's Favorite but i had just gone a kissed him.

"Why'ed you stopp baby" Harry just asked me,

"I can't do this today"

"are you saying you want top break up with me ..."

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