My Brother, Niall Horan ~Completed~

Hi I'm Riley Horan , Niall Horans younger sister. My life will never be normal but is that a good thing or a bad thing? Read on to find out x


17. Chapter 9 part 2



.."No, i mean we can't kiss in front of Riley,


"we just can't.," he didn't know that he was Riley's favorite...



What, why, why, why, why did she do that, i text her saying i was coming round. Well i'm going round Lilly's i'll help her pack. I text Lilly ME-Hi, have you packed or do you need helping.

LILLY- please can you help, i'm going to pick something really bad.

ME- Ok i'm coming now, be there in 5 to 10 minutes. I walked to Lilly's, it took less than i thought , i knocked on the door, she opened it and welcomed me with a hug, she could tell i was upset, even she knew i had a crush on Harry,

"Before we start packing i want you to tell me what's going on," before i could stop myself i opened my mouth and told her everything,

"I went round Erica's to help her pack, so she knew i was coming but wen i went in the house Harry and Erica were doing it. She knows his my favorite," i couldn't stop crying, when i stopped i went into the bath room to fix myself up. I started packing Lilly's bag, apparently Lilly had called Niall and when i was packing, and i ad to tell him the story, i told him not to get angry at Harry because it wasn't his fult who he falls in love with.      

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