My Brother, Niall Horan ~Completed~

Hi I'm Riley Horan , Niall Horans younger sister. My life will never be normal but is that a good thing or a bad thing? Read on to find out x


35. Chapter 24

Everything happened at once, the boys came in the room, Erica smiled and walked out the room, Harry picked me up but that's all I could remember because my eyes were closed...

I woke up in hospital, I Tried to get up but it hurt even more. A nurse came into the room "your up now" she said with a smile "I will go get your brother and his friends" she seamed very calm concsidering I was Niall Horans sister. Niall, Harry,Liam,Louis and Zayn walked in- Harry was the first person to give me a hug. I would have hugged him back but it hurt when i moved "Don't ever do that again" Niall told me while giving me a hug. I was crying, "don't cry, why did you do that who told you to do that?" Niall kept on questioning me, i looked at Erica she gave me the evil, "Umm, i don't remember anything!" i lied. 

"OK, were going to get something to eat from the cafe down stairs... do you want any thing?" he asked me

"No thank-you" i replied,

"Do you want to come Lil (Lilly) and Erica?" Niall asked them, Lilly smiled and nodded but Erica said she would stay oh no... 

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