My Brother, Niall Horan ~Completed~

Hi I'm Riley Horan , Niall Horans younger sister. My life will never be normal but is that a good thing or a bad thing? Read on to find out x


31. Chapter 20

I heard Niall apologise to the crowd then the rest of the boys came behind stage, he wouldn't stop crying. He really did love her, I sat next to him and gave him a cuddle. You derive better than her I told him. He smiled at me just at that moment Erica came behind the stage, Lilly tried to stop her but it was no use "Harry" she sobbed " I am so sorry I..." He cut her off

"Sorry for what, kissing another guy" he yelled at the top of his voice just then a bunch off fans came on back stage, Paul (there bodyguard) followed behind then " I couldn't stop them" he said while panting, we Laughed. One fan came up to Harry and gave a lovely cuddle. The others were pushing and scolding at Erica. I knew this would end in tears and it turned out to be Harry's. I would say now who's going to cry in Nialls and Lilly's relationship but I don't think they will break up.

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