My Brother, Niall Horan ~Completed~

Hi I'm Riley Horan , Niall Horans younger sister. My life will never be normal but is that a good thing or a bad thing? Read on to find out x


25. Chapter 15

"What are you doing?" I yelled at Erica, 

"it's not what it lo..."

"really, because it looks like your sleeping with another guy !!"

"What do you care boy friend stelar." 

"What do you mean? If your talking about me and Harry, were just friends thanks to you. And by the way I'm telling Harry !!!" And with that I walked out of the room, she got up and ran after me

"WAIT, don't tell Harry please, it will break his heart." She begged.

"Fine but if I say that boy again I will kill him!!" I said and walked into the kitchen.

"I'm glad you 2 sorted you problems out," Niall told me while he was eat (6) prices of toast. 

"We never had problems, it was me and Erica" as I said that Erica walked into the room, I scold at her and walked out the room ... 

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