My Brother, Niall Horan ~Completed~

Hi I'm Riley Horan , Niall Horans younger sister. My life will never be normal but is that a good thing or a bad thing? Read on to find out x


20. Chapter 12

I must of cried myself to sleep because next thing i know it's 12:00/ midnight. I had to make myself look presentable you know, because i am apart of the Horan family. I ignored Harry and Erica, Erica was trying to talk to me but i wasn't listening.  We got in the car and was ready to go.

-skip car ride-

We got to the airport at 2:30 am, we were half an hour early. We hadn't had any breakfast, but we were guessing that wasn't going to happen any time soon, this place was packed. Niall found a Nandos, 

"We had Nando's last night Ni" Lilly told Niall

"You don't like Nando's" Niall said in shock

"NO, i love it, as there's no Nandos in Canada then i guess we can go there again" mine and Niall's mouth dropped open

"No Nandos in Canada" said Niall in horror,

"don't worry, you can survive" Lilly said to both of us.

We went to Nandos, but there were no seats, "THERES NO SEATS" Niall complained (that's surprising it's only 2:30 am)   

"IT'S ONE DIRECTION, SIT WITH US" nearly every one was shouting. Some of them were scolding at Lilly and Erica but Erica deserved it on the other hand Lilly didn't. We decided to sit with a group of girls. Most of them really liked Harry, Niall kept cheeking on me because he knew Harry was my fav. The girls got a long with me and Lilly very well, but no one there (out of the girls) liked Erica, she kept showing off- about her and harry.


I asked Erica if i could talk to her for a bit in privet, we went in the corner,

"Look you need to stop showing off, it's your fult they don't like you"

"No there just jealous, because i'm with Harry..." i cut her off

"no Lilly is getting on perfectly fine with them, you know why? because she's not showing off."

Erica walked away in a massive strop, 

"someones having a strop," i lathed with the girls, one of them wanted to talk to me, we went over to the same corner, when i talked to Erica,

"Dose Niall have a girl?"

"yes, Lilly is his girl,"

"Oh i didn't know because she wasn't showing off like most of there girls"

"Ya she's not as mean as them" and we walked back to the table

"What did she want?" Niall i asked

"She wanted to know if you had a girl, i said yes and she was Lilly, and than she was perfectly fine" in whispered, guy's it's time to bord the plane

"OW, we've got to go to, were are you going?"

"Canada, you"

"The same place" this was great i could make you friend who like me not because of my brother, this was great.     

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