My Brother, Niall Horan ~Completed~

Hi I'm Riley Horan , Niall Horans younger sister. My life will never be normal but is that a good thing or a bad thing? Read on to find out x


18. Chapter 10

Erica keeps texting me, but i'm ignoring her. It won't last long thought because were going on the tour in 15 hours and i'll see her in about 13 hours. My phone buzzed ERICA- I'm so sorry please just forgive me, i didn't mean to... That really annoyed me now, i texted her back ME- you didn't know, oh no you didn't because your not the one who controls what happens in your life, you knew Harry was my favorite .... i  sent the text, but i didn't get one back. Good that will give me some time. I have been really emotional all day. One hour i'm fine and the next i'm freaking out again, Lilly's trying to help me, she's a real good friend. Harry's still not back, i bet his snogging the face off of Erica. I finery got a text but it wasn't from Erica or Harry, it was from Niall...

NIALL- Are you OK, i talked to mum, she said that it was great for you to go on holiday with us... She was fine with me going on holiday, well at least i wouldn't be grounded. (YIPPEE.) i carried on reading his text NIALL-  Louis say'd he want's to go... as i was reading a text came up from Louis, before i read his i finished Niall's- to Nandos and pay for us. I then read Louis, LOUIS- I said we can go Nandos to help you, and me and the boys would split the money, but Niall thinks that mean's i'll pay. I texted Niall back first

ME- louis said you would split the money, that's different from him paying it all but i still want to go. Then i texted Louis back ME- My brother thinks people will pay for food for him all the time.But as long as he gets food he doesn't care. 

"Were going Nandos" i told Lilly, we went down-stairs and got ready. 

"Is Harry and Erica coming?" i asked,


We left, this was like a erly birthday present.


A/N: Hi guys, 

I am sorry for any grammer or spelling mistakes in this. I couldn't think of a world without you guys, you make us write thins book and i'm proud xXx  

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