Riaka's Top 10 Asault Rifles

This is my actual favorite asault rifles i know i might not have any good choices but i love guns ^^

Yes I am a girl but guns are amazing i like guns yess! ^3^


2. Number 9: FAMAS

Me: what's the next?

Riaka: FAMAS, it's barrel is longer than mostly every weapon because of it's build up design, da?

Me: what is it with you and saying yes in russian.

Riaka: чтобы вы задаете вопросы тупица

Me: I don't speak Russian Riaka. *unamoosed*

Riaka: I said, "to make you ask questions dumbass"

Me: that's mean

Riaka: I never claimed to be nice

Me: I know. now back to the FAMAS....

Riaka: okay so in realaty the FAMAS has a very accurate fire and it's shortness helps it in CQB battles. you can add any atachment to it. it's defenatly a 9 out of 10.

Me: You seem very knowlegable about the FAMAS.

Riaka: Naturally I am, da? I have too if I want to shoot it, right?

Me: I guess so......


Okay yeah i like to put foreign languages in my writing and so I might put some German and Russian in here maybe Italian depending on my mood, so until next time!

 до свидания (goodbye)

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