Riaka's Top 10 Asault Rifles

This is my actual favorite asault rifles i know i might not have any good choices but i love guns ^^

Yes I am a girl but guns are amazing i like guns yess! ^3^


1. Number 10: AK-74

Me: So, Riaka?

Riaka: What/

Me: What's you least favorite asualt rifle?

Riaka: *without hesatation* AK-74!

Me; Why?

Riaka: because, it's also known as the AK-47's underrated little brother, the AK-74 has the same design but with a skeleton butt that can possibly fold down, if you want it to of course, but I see it as a knock off AK-47 so it's not as good it sucks in my opinion. I have shot one and the pull doesn't affect me like other asualt rifles I like the ones that jerk you back when you shoot.

Me: uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.........

Riaka: *continues* still some people think it has a better accuracy than the AK47, it isn't popularized by media as much so not many people can tell the difference between rounds. It has a lower power round that has much less recoil and a muzzle brake to minimize it further. Still as reliable. No I say AK-47 is way better than the AK-74!

Me: *poker face* It's because the AK-47 is Russian isn't it?

Riaka: No it's better cause it is!

Me: if you say so......


My god Riaka is very defensive about the AK-47 being better than the AK-74 isn't she lln. Moment of truth I have never shot any of these rifles I just find them very interesting, da?

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