The Big Picture ( A 1D fan-fic)

"Look! Look! hot girl over there! Blonde! Tall! and..OH OH and wearing a very tight and short dress"! "Did you think I would actually fall for that?" "Honestly, yes"

Meet Charmaine: The striped beanie brunette head who is the girl with the camera, 16, gets excellent grades and has never had a single detention, the photographer in "the peak" (her school's newspaper) owns a famous blog on tumblr and not to mention a thousand over followers on twitter, her life is pretty awesome right? WRONG! she gets bullied by the head cheerleader everyday, has never been asked out on prom before and her parents left her with grandfather, and not just any grandfather a grandfather that was from a famous band back in the 60's that's right Queen! and her granddad is the one and only brian may! Still thinks she's lucky? WRONG! she only has 1 best friend and that is it. But what happens? when she accidently bumps into another curly hair brunette who happens to be a boy and currently in a famous boyband?


8. Chapter 8 - The new photographer?

"I see you met the lads" Harry said and grinned. Me and the other boys were still silent. "Well don't just stand there! it's not like she's going to eat you or anything" Harry said to the guys.

"If you're going to eat us, make sure it's the othersl first cause I like myself well done thank you very much" Louis said.

"Do I look like Hannibal to you or something?" I said still sitting down on the couch. "OOOO! SASSY! I LIKE THAT! you've got a good catch this time Haz," Louis said. Zayn was the nearest to the door so he closed it and everyone finally came in the room. Harry took a seat next to me while Niall sat opposite me at the nearest armchair.

"Hi" Niall said shyly.

"Hello" I said. I could see he was a bit shy. so I gave him a reassuring smile .

"Guys, I would like all of you to meet Charmaine, Charmaine I would like all of you to meet the boys " Harry gestured.

"Hey" I said. "Hello " they all said in unision. I smiled. "I'm really sorry but may I speak to Harry,.. ALONE" Liam said and looked at Harry. Harry did what he was told and followed Liam to the kitchen.

"What's that all about" I asked Zayn since he took Harry's spot from sitting next to me.

"Oh it's nothing, Liam is just being his daddy directioner self" Zayn said. I could hear my name mentioned a few times between Liam and Harry.

"So Charmaine, you don't seem from around here" Niall asked.

"Well yes and no actually, I was born here but moved to the states when I was 4 and came back here again last Christmas" I replied Niall.

"I see, now that proves your accent" Niall said. "Haha, thanks for noticing" I replied. To be honest Niall seemed really nice, besides that he was cute . Funny thing is, he doesn't have a girlfriend yet.i thought to myself. Suddenly Harry and Liam came out of the kitchen.

"Sorry about that Charmaine" Liam said . "Oh, no problem" I answered. "So, Harry says you're our new photographer"? Liam asked skeptically . Louis literally spits out his drink when he heard "our new photographer".

"What no! I don't know! Harry did mention about it but I didn't agree on anything" and gave Harry a death glare.

"Oh come on c, you are an amazing photographer! plus imagine you taking shots for one direction! you'll be famous! plus you get to take pictures of 5 hot boys that is taking the world by storm right now"! Harry said.


"You'll get to see us shirtless" Louis said grinning.

"NO!" I replied

"You'll get to see us with cute animals" Liam added too.

"Sorry, Liam but no" I replied.

"You'll get to travel around the world" Niall added. I was going to protest but I thought twice. Travel around the world huh?  and looked at Niall and said "Keep talking".

"And you'll get paid too, cash" Zayn said. I looked at him and thought maybe it wasn't such  a bad idea, I mean i'll get to travel the world, get paid and I can rub all this in Gina's face. When I thought about Gina I thought abut all the sinister things I could do to her if I worked with the boys, she would be so jealous because she one of the girls who are head over heels for them. A grin grew on my face and I turned and looked at the boys.

"COUNT-ME-IN-" I said word by word. They all cheered and hugged me.

"Hold on! what about school?" I asked them.

"Don't worry about that Paul will arrange everything" Niall said.

"Should we call him?" Zayn asked.

"YES?" I said . A few seconds later, they all rushed to the nearest phone and started to dial Paul's number . They all talked at once . Poor Paul couldn't hear a thing until he shouted for everyone to keep quiet.

"Liam, you talk" Paul said.

"Okay, Harry found a girl that is photographer" Liam said. "WOAH WOAH WOAH, Harry found a girl that happens to be a photographer" Paul said. "YES" they all shouted, "Now someone can finally cover up for Phill" Niall added.

"Okay then, now just stay there and don't go anywhere i'll be there in 20 minutes tops! and Harry no funny business with her" Paul said.

"No promises" Harry said and looked at me. Oh Shit, was the only thing that came in my mind. Paul sighed. "See you guys soon okay?" Paul said. "OKAY BYE"  they all said and hung up.

"So Charmaine, want some pie?" Liam offered .

"Umm sure" I replied and followed Liam to the kitchen.

**Author's note**





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