The Big Picture ( A 1D fan-fic)

"Look! Look! hot girl over there! Blonde! Tall! and..OH OH and wearing a very tight and short dress"! "Did you think I would actually fall for that?" "Honestly, yes"

Meet Charmaine: The striped beanie brunette head who is the girl with the camera, 16, gets excellent grades and has never had a single detention, the photographer in "the peak" (her school's newspaper) owns a famous blog on tumblr and not to mention a thousand over followers on twitter, her life is pretty awesome right? WRONG! she gets bullied by the head cheerleader everyday, has never been asked out on prom before and her parents left her with grandfather, and not just any grandfather a grandfather that was from a famous band back in the 60's that's right Queen! and her granddad is the one and only brian may! Still thinks she's lucky? WRONG! she only has 1 best friend and that is it. But what happens? when she accidently bumps into another curly hair brunette who happens to be a boy and currently in a famous boyband?


4. Chapter 4- Meeting styles and maybe "just the boys"

Charmaine's P.O.V.

When I reached the park, I left my skateboard on the park bench, I decided to leave my DSLR there too since there were not so many people in the park today. I took my blue folder and went to look at  a nearby tree to see if it was worth taking a shot. I went to a few more trees and when I was walking back I saw a person wearing a grey beanie, sweat pants and a simple white tee  holding my DSLR.

"HEY!" I shouted. He looked up and saw me and smiled. I finally saw his face and recognized him immediately it was Harry Styles from one direction. You gotta be kidding me, Harry styles or not Harry styles you touch my cameras you die! I walked straight at him.

"Oh i'm sorry is this yours" he asked

"Oh no, it just happened to magically to appear in you hands, of course it's mine " I answered sarcastically.

"I'm really sorry, here you go" he replied calmly. Weird, there I was ready to tear his head off when he's so calm.

"Thanks" I replied.. I took the DSLR, my blue folder and my skateboard and decided to find another bench unfortunately this one had curly germs all over it. While I was walking I could hear footsteps behind me, I knew it was Harry so I stopped and looked back.

"May I help you?" I asked

"Yes you may actually, I just wanted to know you're name" he asked while looking straight at me, wow I could get lost in those eyes anytime.... SNAP OUT OF IT CHARMAINE! YOU ARE NOT GOING TO GET INTO A FLING WITH A CELEB ESPECIALLY IF IT'S HARRY STYLES . I thought. I had to think quick so I took the first idea that came in my mind.

"Look! Look! hot girl over there! Blonde, Tall and...OH OH wearing a very tight  short dress" I said frantically and pointed at some random person.

"Did you think I would actually fall for that?" he replied  skeptically.

"Honestly yes" I replied

He sighed." Fine if you wanted me to tell my name first you could have just asked" he asked. Did he think I was some dumb blonde or something ?

"I'm Harry, Harry styles" he said while smiling at me.

" And I'm aware, aware of that" I replied grinning. He raised an eyebrow and looked at me from top to toe. Did he just checked me out? I thought again.

"Ha! now I get it! you're the kind that likes to play hard to get! I like those kinds" he said

"Woah, Woah, Woah, okay first of all dude, I just came here to take some good shots for my folder until you showed up, secondly I am not anybody's kind infact I don't want to be a kind , thirdly I am not playing hard to get i'm simply trying to avoid you but it's not working and I suck in those kind of things". Lastly if you really want to know my name it's Charmaine but you can call me "c" since everyone calls me that.I replied.

He looked at me as if I just killed person or something. I reckoned he was thinking.

"Earth to Harry?" I asked

"Oh, oh ..sorry my mind was somewhere else for a moment he replied.


"Look Charmaine, first of all may I say that is a really nice name and a unique one too, secondly I;m sorry I shouldn't have marked you as a kind and not to mention touched your camera without your permission." he replied he looked okay on the outside but I knew he was sorry.

I sighed. "Apology accepted" I replied smiling a little.

"Really?" he asked a bit cheerfully

"Yes" I said a bit agitated

"So you won't mind if I took you out for dinner to make it out to you?" he asked with hopefully.

"Now that was a term I didn't agree on" I replied and raised an eyebrow.

"Okay fine not  dinner, what about coffee? he asked.

"What about an arcade? you can make this all out to me bringing me to an arcade" I replied

"An arcade? you actually go to that place" he asked

"Umm, yes? is that a problem?" I asked

"No, not at all it's just that I've never met a girl who wanted to go to an arcade before." he replied.

"Well, i'm one out of the many" I said

"Indeed you are,  so what shots for a blue folder were you talking about?" he asked

"Oh, just some nature shots i'm doing " I replied and handed him the folder to see. he flipped through some of the pages and started nodding his head.

"Wow, these are actually good! you really have a gift" he replied.

A gift I thought to myself that was actually kind of touching. "Thanks, that's really nice of you" I said.

"Tell you what, skip the nature shots and i'll bring you to meet the lads" he said

"What? But. buut"

"No buts! you obviously have an amazing gift and passion for photography and we kinda need a photographer right now since our old photographer broke his leg and landed in the hospital. Harry said.

I sighed again "Just the boys?" I asked to make sure before he took me to some abandoned building or something.

"Just the boys" he replied

"Fine, but if you do anything else than just the boys I promise you, my uncle roger will hunt you down" I replied following Harry to his mustang.

"Haha, well I would love to meet this "uncle roger" he said totally oblivious that my uncle roger was Roger taylor for Queen.

"yeah, keep telling yourself that styles" I replied. We both went in the car and a few seconds later we were on our way.


**Author's note**

Please forgive my lack of Harry's flirting in here, I suck. when it comes to it. One time a guy named eric came up to me in the bookshop and tried to make a little conversation with me. He just said "Hi" and me, I said the most stupidest thing ever "I LIKE SCIENCE" . Totally blew it = = ''


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