The Big Picture ( A 1D fan-fic)

"Look! Look! hot girl over there! Blonde! Tall! and..OH OH and wearing a very tight and short dress"! "Did you think I would actually fall for that?" "Honestly, yes"

Meet Charmaine: The striped beanie brunette head who is the girl with the camera, 16, gets excellent grades and has never had a single detention, the photographer in "the peak" (her school's newspaper) owns a famous blog on tumblr and not to mention a thousand over followers on twitter, her life is pretty awesome right? WRONG! she gets bullied by the head cheerleader everyday, has never been asked out on prom before and her parents left her with grandfather, and not just any grandfather a grandfather that was from a famous band back in the 60's that's right Queen! and her granddad is the one and only brian may! Still thinks she's lucky? WRONG! she only has 1 best friend and that is it. But what happens? when she accidently bumps into another curly hair brunette who happens to be a boy and currently in a famous boyband?


21. Chapter 21- Date?

We reached the parking a few minutes later and Niall took out his car keys. "So what kind of car do you use?" I ask. "You'll see" he said. We walked a few blocks down.  Niall pressed the unlock button for the car and it made a loud tick noise I looked at where it was coming from and saw a red Ferrari. I gasped and walked to the big red vehicle.

"Niall are you kidding me" I said.

"Nope" he answered popping the "P".

" I can't believe I'm actually going to ride in a real Ferrari" I said still in shock.

"Well believe it cause you are" he answered and grinned. I smiled. He opened the door for the passenger's seat for me . I went in and said thank you. A few seconds later he appeared in the driver's seat and started the engine. After that later we were on our way.


The car ride was a bit awkward at first until Niall broke the silence. 

"So..ummm..what kind of music do you like" He asked.

"Anykind except Heavy metal." I answered.

"Do you like Michael Buble? " he asked.

"Yeah, me and my friends love him! We bought his Christmas album" I answered.

"Wow I didn't know you like Michael Buble, what's your favorite song from him. He asked.

"Haven't met you yet, it's just such a fun song to sing to!" I said.

"I think I can do that" he said and reached for something in the glove compartment and took out a album. It was Michael Buble's album . He slot it in the disc player and the first song was haven't met you yet. " I'm not surprised, not everything lasts


I've broken my heart so many times, I stopped keeping track


Talk myself in, I talk myself out


I get all worked up, then I let myself down" the first part of the song came out and me and niall were practically singing it already! We sounded so weird  but it was fun.

"You have a great voice, you know that?" he said.

"Please tell me you're kidding me" I said.

"No, i'm not you have a great voice" he replied and I smiled. The car ride was a bit silent after that song . This time we were humming to the tunes of the other songs. I could see we were reaching the cinema pretty soon.


Niall parked beside a lamppost that was a few meters away from the cinema. We got out from the car and walked together. Niall took out  two pairs of sunglasses and handed one of them to me while putting on his hoodie.

"Sunglasses?" I said while raising an eyebrow.

"Yeah, wouldn't want the paparazzis to hunt you down would we? " Niall asked grinning . I laughed.

"You've got a point there irish boy" I answered.

When we reached the cinema, they weren't many people. Just a few families with kids and a couple of teenagers. Niall was going to take off his hoodie when I spotted a group of girls. SHIT!.They were the group of girls who would always talk about one direction in my school and if they saw Niall Horan here with me, things could get messy.

"Niall, I don't think that's a good idea" I said

Why? there's not a lot of people. He replied

"True, but do you see a group of girls over there? they're the girls in my school who would talk about you guys 24/7 and if they see you here right now, my only answer is run!" I answered. He looked at the group of girls and put his hoodie back on.

"Good call, C" he said. I smiled at him and we when to look at the movies that were showing now.

"So, what movie do you want to see?" he asked.

"I don't know, how about you?" I answered/

"I'm not sure myself too, what about Love actually?" he suggested . I looked at him all wide eyed . Do boys actually watch that show.

"errrr, What about a different movie?" I asked. Now he looked at me all wide eyed.

"You don't watch love actually?" he asked.

"I'm not a big fan of romance movies , i'm more into comedy, horror and action" I answered.

"No way!" he replied

"Way" I answered .

"Whew! you know I always thought girls were into romantic shows and all. By the way this is one of Harry's favourite show. he said.

"Oh, well i'm definitely not that girl and Harry's favorite show is love actually? Figures I answered and we laughed.

"So since you're not into romance can I suggest resident evil retribution?" Niall said.

"Now we're talking!" I answered. We both laughed again and we went to order our tickets. Niall bought a 2 boxes of popcorn and cokes . A few minutes later we went inside to see the movie.


The movie lasted for almost 2 hours. We were the last two people to leave the cinema because Niall said they were to many people leaving at first. We were throwing our food and drinks in the trash when I was about to throw my popcorn I saw someone's handphone number written underneath the popcorn 's box.

"Cassie, 572-3899 Call me Nialler xx" I read out loud.

"WHAT?" Niall said.

"Oh, looks like someone recognized you and gave you their number" I said and handed him the popcorn box. Niall took it.

"It must be that girl behind the snack counter, she was making eye contact with me a lot " he said

"That figures" I answered. "Aren't you gonna call her?" I asked

Niall looked at me and threw the popcorn box into the trash.

"Who's her?" Niall said while grinning. I scoffed while we walked back to the car.


Niall drove me back home and we reached at exactly 10pm. Niall got out of the car first and went round the back and opened the door for me. I got up and said thank you while carrying my stuff.

"What a night huh? he said.

"But we only went for a movie.?" I replied.

"I know, but it was a night for me because I was with you" he answered. I smiled. That was so sweet

"Aww, thanks Nialler" I said and hugged him. My phone vibrated and it was text from my gramps saying where are you now. I sighed.

"I gotta go" I said to Niall and gave him a peck on the cheek . I could smell his boyish scent with a mixture of his perfume. Niall had did-she-just-kiss-me-on-the-cheek face on. I laughed at his expression.

"Night Niall" I said while walking to the gates.

"Ohh, yeah Night Charmaine" he said stuttering a bit. I smiled . A few seconds later the gates opened and I walked in.

I could here Niall driving away from my porch while walking to my front door. I couldn't wait to tell Alena and Bertie.

**Author's note**

Keep it PG-13 they said on the first date! But it's not a date! besides this is way low for PG-13. It doesn't even deserve a PG! I'm John Cena and I approve this message (Y)


Sorry guys, i'm really hyper and random do forgive me..... ZAC EFRON!



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