The Big Picture ( A 1D fan-fic)

"Look! Look! hot girl over there! Blonde! Tall! and..OH OH and wearing a very tight and short dress"! "Did you think I would actually fall for that?" "Honestly, yes"

Meet Charmaine: The striped beanie brunette head who is the girl with the camera, 16, gets excellent grades and has never had a single detention, the photographer in "the peak" (her school's newspaper) owns a famous blog on tumblr and not to mention a thousand over followers on twitter, her life is pretty awesome right? WRONG! she gets bullied by the head cheerleader everyday, has never been asked out on prom before and her parents left her with grandfather, and not just any grandfather a grandfather that was from a famous band back in the 60's that's right Queen! and her granddad is the one and only brian may! Still thinks she's lucky? WRONG! she only has 1 best friend and that is it. But what happens? when she accidently bumps into another curly hair brunette who happens to be a boy and currently in a famous boyband?


18. Chapter 18- C.A.B

The boys took off after my gramps did, they had to use the back way so they weren't seen. Now school's over and me, Alena and Bertie are in our favorite café called "The Shrub", I know it sounds weird for a café name but they serve really good brownies over there and it's just near the mall, so it's quite convenient. We sat our usual spot and ordered our drinks and talked about how weirdly amazing today was.

"You know, I never got the deal why did you guy came into Mrs. Williams office?" I asked them while munching on a brownie.

"Remember the time where we couldn't publish any copies of newspaper yesterday and we had to buy a big gallon of ink that was really pricy?" Bertie said.

"Yeah, so?" I answered.

"Gina and Macy were the one who removed the ink and Bertie found out when he saw a splat of ink on Gina's collar so obviously we had to tell!" Alena said.

I sighed. "I'm really sorry you guys" I said.

"For what?" The two of them said.

"For getting Gina to torture you guys too, I mean she's after me even though I don't know why but she's after me, and I can't drag you guys along for the ride" I said.

"Hey, whatever happens we'll be together" Alena said. "Yeah, we're friends and friends don't let stupid blonde popular girls be mean to our friends" Bertie added. I looked at all of them and smiled. "You guys are the best you know that?" and hugged them. "We know" they answered and we laughed.

"You know if take the first alphabet of our names together and join it, do you know it becomes CAB?" Alena said.

"And if you put it alphabetically it's ABC and all our names are in there Alena, Bertie and me, Charmaine" I said.

"You know I think it was our destiny to be friends" Bertie said. There was a moment of silence as we looked at each other and then to the sky.

"You know what I see?" I said.

" That we were blessed to be friends" Alena said still looking at the sky.

"That we're probably going to grow old together and still be awesome?" Bertie said also looking at the sky

"No, I see our brownies are getting cold and we should eat them while it's hot" I answered and grinned.

Bertie and Alena looked at me and then to the brownies . "You're probably right" they said together and ate their brownies I laughed and started to dig in to my brownie too.


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