The Big Picture ( A 1D fan-fic)

"Look! Look! hot girl over there! Blonde! Tall! and..OH OH and wearing a very tight and short dress"! "Did you think I would actually fall for that?" "Honestly, yes"

Meet Charmaine: The striped beanie brunette head who is the girl with the camera, 16, gets excellent grades and has never had a single detention, the photographer in "the peak" (her school's newspaper) owns a famous blog on tumblr and not to mention a thousand over followers on twitter, her life is pretty awesome right? WRONG! she gets bullied by the head cheerleader everyday, has never been asked out on prom before and her parents left her with grandfather, and not just any grandfather a grandfather that was from a famous band back in the 60's that's right Queen! and her granddad is the one and only brian may! Still thinks she's lucky? WRONG! she only has 1 best friend and that is it. But what happens? when she accidently bumps into another curly hair brunette who happens to be a boy and currently in a famous boyband?


13. Chapter 13- ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND?

When we reached the editing room no one was there. "BERTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I called out, but no one answered. Basically Bertie is my other best friend besides Alena, he was one of those people who were nice to me when I was the new girl in school and he was also the one who took me in as the school's photographer when he saw my blog. He's my best guy friend if you ask me. He was wearing his uniform and his blonde hair was all messed up.

"BERTIE!!!!" I said and hugged him., but didn't notice the stack of papers.

"C!!!!!!, looked what have you done now!" he said and crouched down to pick up the papers. I sighed and crouched down too and helped him. I picked up the last paper and handed it to him and we both got up.


"Is it about who stole Mr. Park's hamster?" he asked while putting the stacks of papers down and pouring himself a cup of tea. Yes, if you're in the editing club you can help yourself with a cup of tea.

"What NO! it's something better and Elliot did it" I said, By the way wrong choice of idea to say that Elliot stole Mr. Park's hamster because Bertie literally spitted out his tea.

"Elliot?! I KNEW IT WAS THE SCUM!, this will be so good for the headlines!, Charmaine you have to get a picture of Elliot for the headlines tomorrow" he said.

"That is if i'm working for you!" I said while grinning.

"Excuse me?" Bertie said. I was about to say something when Alena said "Sit down Bertie, it's story time!". I looked at her. "I was going to say that!" I said. "Oh, It's just always wanted to say that." Alena answered. I sighed. So I told Bertie the whole story about the boys and the job offer.

"You're kidding right?" Bertie said.

"I swear on Freddie mercury's heart i'm not," I answered while crossing my heart.

"So you actually met the boys of one direction" he asked .

"yes" I answered.

"And you're going to take the job?" he asked.

"Yes" I said

"ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND!!!!? you can't take the job! you work her for me bertie! B-E-R-T-I-E!" he said.

"well does B-E-R-T-I-E pays me?" I asked skeptically. He was quiet.

"I'll take that as a no!" I said.

"Charmaine, you can't work for them!" he said

"WHY NOT? IT'S ONLY TEMPORARY!" I answered back.

"I know! it''s..." he said.

"It's WHAT?"

"IT'S JUST THAT I CAN NEVER FIND A PHOTOGRAPHER AS GOOD  YOU AGAIN! " he said. I wanted to say something but in the end I didn't. Did he really think I was that good? I mean I was only a photographer for the school's newspaper not for the London times or something.

"I know it's temporary but ... I can never find another photographer like you! and who is going to keep me company after school while I print horoscopes?" Bertie said. I sighed.

"Bertie, this is only a temporary job! that's it! nothing else! plus i'll get paid and when I have the money, i'll use half of it for the editing club!, you have to admit, we need the money! " I said while raising an eyebrow. Bertie sighed.

"Half of the money?" he said.

"yes,Half of the money" I replied.

"Okay," he said.

"Really?" I asked again,

"Yes" he said and smiled.

"OH THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!! BERTIE!" I said while hugging him!

"I promise you! when I get the money i'll buy you all the ice cream you want to eat!" I said.

"YOU BETTER!" he said and we both laughed!.

**Author's note**

Okay so basically Bertie is one of my best guy friends in this story. The only reason I created him was the sake of my friend syameeqa who really likes him and when I mean really likes him I mean really likes him. I mean that girl knows every detail about him! So syameeqa, you can go jump on yr bed now:)





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