My Style Of Love

What if you had to keep your love a secret from everybody.your friends,your family,the world.That's what Jenifer walker has to do.When her child hood friend Harry Styles turns into her boyfriend right before he leaves to go on the X-factor then goes on to be in the biggest boy band in the world.Will there love stay alive or will it collapse do to the pressure?


7. The Truth


Jens' POV "Hello?" I answered, and waited for a reply.   "Jen listen to me please, I would never cheat on you. You know me better than that. I would never do anything to hurt you" Harry said in between sobs.   "I saw you kissing. How am I supposed to believe you?!" I cried.   "Give me a chance to explain this to you." He paused for moment. "Just let me in please" he begged. I walked over to the door where he was standing with his eyes puffy and red from crying. It killed me to see him like this.   "Jen, I'm going to go get breakfast" Niall said, while walking out the door.   "Jen I love you and I wouldn't do this to you" Harry pleaded. Staring in his green eyes I knew he wasn't lying. I felt stupid for giving in so easily. But I knew he wasn't lying.   "I believe you" I said, smiling up at him. He smiled and kissed me more passionately then ever. I put my hands in his curls and he smiled against my lips.   He pulled away, lips swollen from our kiss, and looked into my eyes. "Lets go back with all the other boys. I'll text Niall and tell him to go to Liam's flat" He said, as he wiped the remaining tears from my face and we walked out. The car ride there was quiet but Harry didn't let go of my hand once.   "I'm guessing everything is okay now?" Liam asked as we walked into his flat.   "Yeah"Harry said smiling.   "We have to go lads. We have a sound check for the concert tonight."Niall said as soon as he walked in the door.   "Want to come?"Harry asked me.   "I need to take a shower and stuff- I'll be at the concert though."I answered smiling.   "Okay. I love you." he said, whilst looking into my eyes. His hands were on my waist, and next thing I knew I was against the wall, with his lips on mine. He broke the kiss and put his forehead on mine. "I'm so glad you listened to me" he said, before walking out with the rest of the boys.   "Jen you can shower and get ready for the concert here if you want" Liam said, smiling and giving a little wave before walking out. ----------------------------------------------------------------- The concert was about to start and I was in line waiting to get in. When I finally got in, 'Five Seconds Of Summer' were on.   "Thanks so much everyone!" Luke Hemmings said as he ran off the stage. Soon the boys were on. I smiled when Harry looked at me. The concert was great (as usual) and before I knew it, it was almost over.   "Before we leave I'd like to say something" Harry announced, staring at me. My heart thumped in my chest. I knew what he was about to do.   "I want to dedicate this song to Jen Walker. The girl I've been dating for a long time" He said."I kept this from you guys because Jen is afraid of the hate so can you promise me not to give her any?" Just then 'They Don't Know About Us' started playing and Harry started singing his part.   "Cause this love is only getting stronger, So I don't wanna wait any longer, I just wanna tell the world that your mine girl"  Just then I was pulled up on stage by the boys. As they all sang their part of the song Harry didn't take his eyes off me. "I love you Jen" Harry said. Then the stage went black and we ran back stage.
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