My Style Of Love

What if you had to keep your love a secret from everybody.your friends,your family,the world.That's what Jenifer walker has to do.When her child hood friend Harry Styles turns into her boyfriend right before he leaves to go on the X-factor then goes on to be in the biggest boy band in the world.Will there love stay alive or will it collapse do to the pressure?


3. The interview


I woke up the next morning on Harry and Louis' coach I decided last night that I didn't want to go home.   "Morning love"Harry said from the kitchen .   "Morning what you making?"I said getting up and going into the kitchen.   "Chocolate chip pancakes"He said putting another pancake on the plate.   "Pancakes!"Louis said running out of his room and grabbing one.   "Hey! you were supposed to wait"Harry said still not taking his eyes off of the pancake mix he was putting in the pan.   "We have no time Liams going to be here in a minute to get us so we can go to that interview"Louis said.I looked over at Harry who was frowning.   "I wanted to have a day of just me and you guess that's not going to happen"He said looking sad.   "After your interview we can"I said kissing him on the cheek.   "Hurry Harry we gotta leave in ten minutes!"Louis said grabbing another pancake and running back to his room.   "I've got to go get dressed."He said grabbing my hand.   "Do I really have to come with you"I said as he dragged me to his room.   "Yep"He said opening up his door and reveling his messy room.   "How do you find things in here?"I said as he walked over to his closet.   "I don't."He said luaghing "Now should I wear this one or this one"He said holding up two different shirts a dress shirt and a blue shirt.   "Wear the dress shirt then put a bow tie on you always look cute wearing that"I said smiling as he changed his shirt.   "Blue or red?"He asked showing me two bow ties.   "Red"I said as he put it on then changed his pants into dress pants.   "Don't look!"He said laughing.   "Wouldn't be the first time that I saw you in boxers."I said laughing.   "When have you ever seen me in boxers?"He said    "Harry we are best friends you changed in front of me plenty of times before"I said laughing while closing my eyes.   "Yes but now we are dating so its different!"He said laughing.   "Harry come on Liams here that means kiss in here in less you want the guys to know"He said walking away.   "Bye"I said as he kissed me.   "Bye"He said hugging me and kissing me again.   -----------------------------------------------------------------HarrysPOV-------------------------------------------------------   "So are you guys excited for the tour?"The interviewer asked   "Ya really excited we leave in a couple weeks and I know we all can't wait"Liam said.   "Alright so lets get some questions from the fans"She said moving on.   "Niall what do you look for in a girl?"She said holding up cards.   "nice personality that's what I like the most"He said thinking about it for a minute.   "speaking of girls how many of you are single?"She said looking at all of us.   "I'm not"Liam said smiling.   "Not single either"Louis said   "Still single"I said smiling.   "Niall and I are not single."Zayn said    "Niall this is knew who are you dating?"The girl asked.   "Yes I recently started dating a girl named allie."Niall said he had been dating her for a while but he had just wanted to make sure it worked out before telling everyone.   "Where did you two meet"She asked getting closer to him.   "I met her at a movie theater"He said not going into detials   "So Harry that leaves you.Do you have anyone in mind that you would like to date?"She asked me.   "Not at the moment"I said as she moving closer to me now.   "What about Caroline Flack?"She asked.   "Were just good friends"I said trying to change the subject.   "Well that's all the time we have today!See you next week!"The interviewer said and then she got up and left us sitting there awkwardly.   "Harry mangement wants to meet with you"Paul said as we walked backstage.   "I didn't do anything though"I said trying to figure out what I did.   "I know just go see what they want they want to meet at the coffee shop just down the street."He said as I got in the car and drove the short distance to the shop.I sent Jen a quick text before walking inside.   ----------------------New Text Message--------------------   To:Jen <3   Hey I'll be a little late management wants to meet with me.Love you.   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------    "Whats this all about?"I asked sitting down seeing the head of management.   "I'm just going to come out with it.Harry you need a girlfriend."A lady I've never seen said.   "Why?"Was they only words I could say.I knew Jen was not ready to tell people about us.   "Everyone Else in the band has a girlfriend so we just think it would be better if you had one to"She said taking a sip of her coffee.   "I'm not ready for a relationship yet"I said trying to think of excuses.   "Caroline Flack. You like her just ask her.I'm sure she will say yes plus it wouldn't be a fake relationship you would like her"She said making it sound all to easy.I said I liked Caroline when me and Jen were having problems I never really liked her a lot.   "Just ask her then post a picture of you two kissing on twitter or something"She said getting up and walking away.   "Jen is not going to be happy"I said to myself.   -----------------------------------------------------------JensPOV----------------------------------------------------------------   "Harry had to meet with mangement he will be here soon"Louis said walking into the house as I got a text from Harry saying the same thing.I sat on the coach waiting for him to walk through the door so we could spend time together.   --------------------------------------   "Jen,Jen wake up"Harry said shaking me lightly.   "What did management say?"I asked as I looked up at him. He had a worried look on his face.   "Jen,I have to find a girlfriend or we have to tell people about us."He said I was shocked.Was Magement really doing this?   "I'm not ready for all the hate I'm going to get"I said thinking about this,"We have to break up"The words crushed me to say but its what had to happen.   "No,we don't Caroline can just be my cover up"He said.   "Harry that's cheating"I said looking at him like he was dumb.   "Well what if I tell her"He said looking at me the same.   "Do you think she will be okay with it"I said    "Why don't we find out"He said grabbing his phone.   "Hi Caroline"He said looking at me.   "I have a odd question to ask you"He said waiting for her replay.   "Okay let me explain.Well you see I have a girlfriend and we aren't ready for all the hate. but mangment wants me to come out with a girlfriend.That being you and all the fans already like you so you won't get hate."He paused for a second,"So will you be my cover up girlfriend?"He asked pausing one more time.   "This is so messed up"I wispered.   "Great!Your the best"He said smiling.   "She said yes?"I asked before he nodded his head.   "There now the whole world knows I just posted an old picture of me and Caroline saying that we were dating.Are you sure you okay with this?"He asked moving closer to me.   "I guess I'm going to have to be."I said curling up to him.We spent the whole day watching movies and talking.   "I think I should go home"I said after a while.   "Just stay here tonight again"He said moving me closer to him.   "I have no clean clothes"I said knowing he would just give me some of his.   "I'll get you some"He said smiling at me and getting up and walking to his room.   "Here"He said handing me some clothes.I walked to the bathroom and changed.   "Harry you grew"I said laughing the shirt I was wearing was so baggy on me the pants were not as bad but I had to tie the strings.   "I'm sorry"He said laughing too.I walked out of the bathroom and into the living room.   "Night"He said leaning down and kissing me.   --------------------------------------------------------   "Harry,Harry"I said I was moving him slightly so he would wake up.   "What?Are you okay"He said sitting up.   "Ya.But I got scared from the thunder Storm could I sleep with you?"I asked feeling like a child.I have always been scared of thunder storms since I was a kid.   "Ya come on"He said smiling I climbed into his bed then snuggled up to him.   "I'll never let anything hurt you"He said kissing me.   "I love you.Night"I said snuggling closer to him and going to bed.
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