My Style Of Love

What if you had to keep your love a secret from everybody.your friends,your family,the world.That's what Jenifer walker has to do.When her child hood friend Harry Styles turns into her boyfriend right before he leaves to go on the X-factor then goes on to be in the biggest boy band in the world.Will there love stay alive or will it collapse do to the pressure?


5. Suprises


After Hearing Caroline say that to me I didn't know what to think.Could she actually do that?Could the boy I love break my heart so easily like that?I decided not to tell Harry,yet.Harry and Louis drove me home that night because I had work the next morning.I was quiet the whole way home thinking about what she had told me.   "Alright we are here"Louis says as Harry and I get out of the car and I wave bye to Louis.   "I'll talk to you tomorrow"harry says as we walk into my house.   "Alright I call you after work"I said hugging him.   "I love you"He said pulling away to look into my eyes.   "I love you to"I said before he kissed me.   "Night"He said closing the door.   -----------------------------------------------------------------HarrysPOV--------------------------------------------------------   "Is me dating Jen and fake dating Caroline wrong?"I asked as I was riding home with lou.   "Its what she wants right?"He asked not taking his eyes off the rode.   "I guess we talked about it"I said thinking about it.   "Well if its what she wants then I guess its fine."He said,"did she seem quiet on the ride home tonight?"He asked pulling his phone out.   "A little. I think she was just tired"I said looking out the window.   "ya maybe"He said we were quiet the rest of the ride home.I swear Louis fell asleep for a minute I had to grab the steering wheel.We both walked in and both went to out rooms.   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------   I woke up in the morning and decided I was going to surprise Jen at work.I got dressed and walked out the door hoping I didn't wake up Louis.   -----------------------------------------NEW TEXT MESSAGE-------------------------------   From:Jen <3   To:Harry   I miss you pizza after work?   ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   I replied back with a 'yes can't wait to see you' then drove to the old bakery I used to work at.   "Harry! I haven't seen you in forever"Allie said.   "Shh I want to surprise Jen"I said as I walked into the back room where they make everything hoping Jen wasen't looking this way.She wasen't she was busy making some bread as I walked up behind her and told everyone to be quiet.   "This is the first place I saw you and I fell in love instantly"I whispered into her ear.She turned around with a smile on her face and hugged me.   "When do you get off?"I asked hugging her back.   "Not for another hour"She said letting go.   "Zack can I have my job back for like a hour?"I asked as my old boss walked in.   "Of coarse but I'm not paying you"he said smiling,"Not that you need it"I grabbed one of the aprons and started icing a cake.   "I'm still the master at this"I said as I finished it.   "Oh please I can do better"She said,"but I can't show you up cause I want some pizza and my shift just ended."   "Lets go then"I said laughing.   "Well it was good seeing you while I could"Allie said,"lets hang out soon"   "Ok will do"I said giving her a hug.We walked out and got in the car.Jen was quiet again and that's not the Jen I know.   "You okay babe?"I said grabbing her hand.   "Ya I guess"She said I could tell something was definitely wrong now.   "Alright spill it"I said pulling over to the side of the rode.   "Its Caroline"She said sighing   "You don't like her?"I asked looking in her eyes and trying to see anything.   "No.Well Yes I don't like her"She said pausing agian as if she was holding something in.   "Just tell me"I said getting eager.   "She wants to try and break us up so you and her could be together"She said finally.I couldn't believe it.   "Are you jealous that she is getting all the attention from the fans?"I asked there was no way Caroline said that.   "No. I asked it to be like this"She said letting me hand go.   "I'm sorry there's just no way"I said shaking my head.   "Who are you going to believe someone you just met or someone you've known all your life"She said she was yelling at me now.   "I know she didn't say that.If you wern't so scared of everything this would be happening and we could tell everybody"I said yelling back.   "Take me home"She said sitting back.   "Gladly"I said as I started driving and took her home.   "Bye"I said as she slammed the door shut and I drove off.It was our first fight and I was already feeling bad about it.
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