My Style Of Love

What if you had to keep your love a secret from everybody.your friends,your family,the world.That's what Jenifer walker has to do.When her child hood friend Harry Styles turns into her boyfriend right before he leaves to go on the X-factor then goes on to be in the biggest boy band in the world.Will there love stay alive or will it collapse do to the pressure?


6. falling apart


 Harry’s POV   I went home to where Caroline was sitting, talking to Louis.   "We need to talk”. I said walking inside staring at her intently.    "I'm going to go take a shower" Louis said knowing he should leave.   "What’s wrong?" She said innocently.   "Did you really say that to Jen? Did you really say you were to trying to break us up?"I said to furious to sit down.   "No you and Jen are perfect I would never do that" Caroline said. I could tell she was lying which made me even more furious.    "Now I don't know who to believe" I said to myself, "Then why would she say you did?"   "Maybe she’s jealous that she has to share you" Caroline said standing up now, our faces were an inch apart from each other. I backed up a little but she moved forward and kissed me.   "Harry I'm sorry I overreacted" Jen said walking in and seeing us kissing. I imminently pushed her away.   "What are you doing?"I said, "Jen she kissed me, I pushed her away." I said walking over to her. But it was too late she was already out the door    "I'm sorry Harry "Caroline said.   "Just leave" I said pointing to the door.   "Jen please pick up it’s not what it looks like she kissed me" I said calling her for the fifth time.   "You okay mate?"Lou said walking out of his room just as the other boys walked in.   "Are you okay Harry?"Liam asked sitting next to me as the other boys followed.   "I think it’s time you tell them Harry "Louis said. I began to tell them about me and Jen and everything that happened.   "I don't know what to do, I've called her five times and she won't answer me" I said letting a few tears escape before checking my phone one more time.   "You want me to talk to her?" Niall said smiling. I nodded unable to speak.   "I just want her back “I said putting my head in my hands.                                                                                       JensPOV   I went home and cried. How could he do something like that to me? Just then my phone rang it was Niall.   "Hello?"I said sniffling a little.   "Harry told me everything" that was all Niall said for awhile.   "He's horrible" I said breaking the silence.   "Do you want me to come over?"He said. I didn't want to be alone.   "Yes please" I managed to say.out of the whole band Niall was the one I was closest to.                                                                                 NiallsPOV   "Okay I'll be there in a minute” I said hanging up.   "What? where are you going?"Liam said looking up at me.   "Jen needs someone. You know her mum is gone and there's no one else who knows about her and Harry" I said putting my jacket on.   "Harry has you guys Jen has no one "I said, "I'm sorry Harry I wish you could be here but Jen needs someone too "I said hugging him.   "I understand she needs someone too "Harry said as I let go and walked out the door. Moments later I pulled up at Jens house. The door was open and I walked in finding her sitting on the coach.   "Hey" I said moving her feet and sitting down.   "Hey" She said wiping tears away. She just began to cry again, so I moved over.   "I'm sorry Jen" I said letting her cry on my chest.   "I can't believe he did that" she cried. I didn't say anything I just let her cry. She soon fell asleep and I followed.   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   I woke up the next morning not getting a lot of sleep. Jen cried all night.   "Morning” I said as she woke up.   "Morning" she said. Just then the doorbell rang. She got up and I followed. She opened the door and there were dozens of roses on the step with a note that said: please let me talk to you nothing happened I love you. in neat writing.   "Maybe you should let him talk to you?” I said as she grabbed them and came back in.   "Maybe" She said as she grabbed her ringing phone.   "It’s him" She said.   "Just answer it, I'm sure he had just as bad of a night as you did" I said. She sighed and sat down before answering it.
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