the Sky Falls

Something about love and mysteries. I can't describe it so.. just enjoy! ;D


3. chapter 2

A/N ok, so song of this chapter: Fine Frenzy - Near to You. Enjoooy! ;D

Rose P.O.V.

i guess you're still hurt,

if this is over,

but do you really

want to be alone?

The first thing I've done, after I heard what I've said is running to the door. They were half opened. I was nearly out of here. I was nearly on the pavement again. Where nobody knew me. Where nobody heard what I've said before..

-Hey, wait!-I've heard a voice from behind me. I slowly turned around. Harry took on his leather jacket while paying for his espresso. In one second I felt like the happiest person alive. But on the other hand.. I panicked. Maybe he liked me? But I could have destroy it with that stupid thing I've said.

I felt my cheeks burning. Fastly I dug my face in my scarf and hoped that I don't look like a beet. I opened the door and went out. Harry was close behind me. He looked so fantastic in his olive coloured beanie and his leather jacket. My heart began to beat faster. Gosh, shut up, you stupid heart, you!- I thought.

-So.. Where are we going?- asked Harry. I felt his gaze on me.

Don't look at him. Don't look at him. Rose, I've said don't look at him! I slowly glanced at him.

-Uh, you are going to meet your friends.. And I'm going to walk 'round London like before.- I said nonchalant. Ok, I tried to sound like nonchalant.

Curly head glanced at me for a little while. He was thinking what to say. Will.. I mean, He was doing the same, when we were toghether..

-Yeah, but I won't let you going here alone. I come with you.-he said. 

I smiled a little.

-No, go and meet your friends. Don't worry about me.- really I didn't thought so. I wanted to go with him. I really, really wanted to do it. But my stupid heart said no. And I don't know why am still listening to what it says. We were passing the crossing of Brigde Street and Parliment Street.

But then I felt a warm hand on my wrist. Harry was holding me, and pulled me in a completely diffrent way, that I wanted.

-Hey, Curly Head, what are you doing?- I asked a bit shocked, and on the other hand happy.

-I recognized, that my method of inducement doesn't work at all, so I'm using the method of force right now.-he said with a big smile. Some of his curls slightly moved on the wind.

-You know, that I could phone the police and say, that a curly haired boy in a leather jacket is kidnapping me right now?

He smiled sadly.

-But it's gonna be fun! Oh, come on! Pleaaaase? For me?- he started to act like a eight-year-old kid. I couldn't help but laugh. He was so.. so.. you know, what I mean? 

-Oh, ok. But only becouse you're insisting that bad!

Harry smiled and then we began to talk. We talked, laughed, joked around like we have known each other for all our entire life. And he was still holding my hand..

When we claimed to Horse Guards Ave I saw some people in a not very big distance. I think this were his friends. When they saw us one of them, the tall brown haired one, started to dance a wierd dance and shout out of his lunges: Ohmygod, it's Harreh!

When we got to them, the tall one was still dancing. And the blond one joined him. But he was dancing 'oppa gangnam style'. 

-Hey mates, you know what?- said the tall, brown haired one, when he stopped dancing.-We should ban Harry to go out without us.

-Are you kidding me?! Why?!- said Harry fake horrified. I couldn't help but smile. 

-Are you kidding us?-replied the tall one looking at our hands. Oh no, they were still named together. I fastly pulled my hand out of his.-You are always meeting nice girls, betraying our bachelorhood!

-And what about Zayn, and Liam?- said Harry angrily.

-We've got girlsfriends, that's a diffrent situation. Isn't it, Zayn?- said one of them. Yeah, he must have been Liam. 

The black haired one nodded. Gosh, he wasn't here a minute ago. ..Was he? I glanced at him, a bit.. interested in his appearance. He probably saw my interest in him. He looked up and winked at me. I blushed and fastly lowered my head. The boys laughed.

-Ok, so I'll introduce you all.- said Harry

-No need to do it. -said the tall one. - I'm Louis, the Tommo, Tomlinson. Nice to meet you my lady.

I couldn't help but laugh.

-I'm pleased to meet you too, sir Tomlinson.- I said joking a bit. Louis smiled at me and winked. And then it went around. The black haired one was Zayn. The blond one was Niall, and the other brown one was Liam.

And then? Then we all were walking around London. We went to Starbucks - Harry hasn't finished his coffee. We went to M&M's World - Louis was begging so damn hard. We went to Nando's - Niall was hungry. We went to Picadilly Circus - Liam found a nice book shop last week..

And that's what I spend my day. Laughing with guys I barely knew. But I felt happy. I felt it in my body. I felt it in my smile. I felt it with all my heart.

Then everything was still fine..




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