the Sky Falls

Something about love and mysteries. I can't describe it so.. just enjoy! ;D


2. chapter 1

A/N Hey guys, just wanted to thank you for reading this movella. And just wanted to say: while reading listen to Ed Sheeran - Autumn Leaves ;D Enjoy!

Rose P.O.V

don't ask me, if i'm okay,

i don't have the answer.

don't ask me, if i'm alright,

i don't have the answer

This should be a normal day. Without hurring. Without suprises. Without anything. Just normal. With my face half hidden in my scarf I was walking somewhere in Great George Street. It was noon, so there was a huge traffic jam. Normal.

There were lots of people walking with me. Some older and younger ones. In suits or in casual clothes. Just normal people, you know.

I was not far away from the crossing with Little George Street. The big Victoria Tower was getting closer and closer every second.

Then I stopped walking. The traffic lights turned red and the cars started to drive away. I never knew how people in other countries could drive on the other side than us, British. Or why don't they drink tea everyday at five o'clock. Or why they don't like british breakfast. The lights turned green again. Some cars drove away fastly. And then the street was occupied by us, passers.

Without thinking I went through the street. And then some memories about.. him attacked my head. Time without him wasn't speeding as it used to, when we were dating. Like I wasn't breathing normal air, but some gas, which make people laugh so hard, and loose their minds. Gosh, Rose! Don't think about him anymore! I said to myself in my thoughts. I used to do this, when I was sad. And I alaways was saying something like you don't need him anymore! Life goes on without him!. But then, this little stupid heart beating heart in my chest said of course, you need him, stupid you! This little, dumb heart. 

Then I heard a strange sound under my right feet. I stopped and slowly raised it. I stepped on a little golden necklace with a emerald in it. I was pretty shocked, but kneed down fastly. I took it into my cold hand and put it into the pocket of my coat. I stood up and fastly walked away to Nero Caffe.

I took the last, free table in the cafe. I ordered a small latte macchiato, took of my black coat and sat down on my place. Then I looked around the local. No one was watching me. Slowly I reached out for the little necklace in my coat pocket.

-Here's your latte, madam.- said the waiter unexpected. I jumped up, a bit scared.

-Oh, uh.. Thank you.- I answered a bit confused. The waiter smiled friendly and got away. I took the cup of my coffie and drank a bit of it. It tasted sooo good! I felt how the warmth is going through my body. I put the cup on the table and looked around again. None of the people in here was watching me. Perfect.

I reached out for the necklace again. I felt it in the pocket of the coat. I slowly put it out of there and layed it on the table. The emerald was shining in the light of the lamps. It haven't had any scars. It could be worth a fortune! Maybe I should sell it? I thought. But then I changed my mind. No, it's too pretty to sell it. 

While I was drinking my coffee I heard the sound of an opening door. I looked up and nearly spilled my coffee over. In the door stood a very, very handsome boy in my age. The first thing i thought was, that he had wonderful brown curls under his dark-green beanie. He looked around the local just like me a few minutes ago. I fastly looked down, and drank some of my coffee again.

-Hey, uh.. Can I sit with you?- I heard a voice above my head. I looked up and.. Yeah, here he was. Mr. Handsome on his own in front of mine.

-Sure, no problem.- I answered. 

The boy smiled and took his leather jacket off. Then I realised that the emerald necklace is still on my table. I reached out for it. Fast, but quiet. But then it fell of the table. I kneed down to catch it but Curly-Boy was faster. He stood up with the necklace in his hand.

-It's beautiful. Where've you gotten it?

-Thank you. Uhm, I..- I found it on the street and took it, becouse it looked pretty. Yeah, of course. Rose, think!

-My aunt is working in a jewellery shop and gave it to me. And, yeah, here it is.- I said putting on a smile. That wasn't a lie. Ok, most of it wasn't. I sure have an aunt, who is working in a shop like this. .. And I've only seen her once. But he doesn't have to know about it. The waitress came and asked him, what he want to order. An espresso.

-So.. Yeah, I'm Hary.-he said.

I looked up a bit ashamed.

-Rose.- that was the only thing I could say right now.

-It's a beautiful name.- he complimented.I felt how my face is turning red. The waitress came and brought him his coffee. We weren't talking. But there wasn't any uncomfortable silence. No, it was more.. pretty.. yeah, you know.

Then his phone rang. The sound of Viva la Vida from Coldplay filled the room. 

-Oh, sorry. I have to pick it.- Harry said. I didn't know what to do, so I just nodded. He picked up the phone fastly. Then I heard someone screaming into his phone on the other side of the line. And... some music. Pitbull I think.

-Nah, you know what? I didn't like it, so I left.- I heard Harry's sweet Cheshire accent. He didn't like it?! I know, maybe he listens to an other type of music, but please, guys! It was a Pitbull gig!

Then I felt his eyes watching me. I looked up shily just to see him smile. I smiled back.

-How about meeting on Horse Guards Eve in ten minutes? K, great.-he said and the line went dead again. He pit his phone in his pocket and said.- You wanna go with me to Horse Guards? I'm meeting there with some friends so..

I smiled. I stood up, catching my coat. I called the waiter and paid for my latte. Then I looked into Harry's eyes.

-You're meeting there with friends, I don't want to disturb you.-I said. My cheeks burnt red.-So, it was nice to meet you.

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