The Pickle Stories

This is based off "The Button Stories" By Mist The Elf . It is about pickles hence the title.


7. Cucumbers V.S. Pickles II

     It was a sunny day in the grocery store. The cucumbers were plotting revenge against the pickles.They were ready for anything the pickles would do. They built a wall of potatoes to prevent the pickles from shooting pickle cannons at them. They had armor ( Wax paper) to prevent the pickles from putting the cucumbers in vinegar and all the other stuff used to make pickles. They were ready for battle. The pickles were relaxing in the pickle jar hot tub when the saw a cucumber flying in the air towards them. Joe the purple pickle was on the floor, unconscious. many more cucumbers came flying when, finally, Billy the fat pickle surrendered. The pickles have lost.         

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