the trainning ground

in side the school were we all live ready for the war between the angels and dark angels but one thing only a few angels know is why the war started eny way inside the school there lives the resone but will the war help the resone.


2. time running out

shar new now he had to no matter what but he could not get cort last year he rememberd that one boy tryed to find something to stop the war but he was killed for being a double agent when ever one new he was not.

grabing a light he continued throw the dark tunnels untile he got to a door a door that was known as a blood wing door the persone who wonts to enter has to cut of part of there wing to enter and exit the room beyond it. geting a nife from his belt he cut a slice of skin from his wing holding back a scream of pain he placed it apone the door and it slid open inside was full of bodys new and old looked shrivild like a prune and were very much dead and there was another door a blood door as well so he did as he had befor but stoped before he placed it on the door on the floor was a body but in his arms was a book like he found in the other tunnel and inside it read.dear reader if you have got this far you have done well and she likes your personality and exepts you to free her but she is a dark and light becearful what you trust inside this book it well tell you how to feed her and what she needs to do to stop the war becearfule.he placed the skin on the door and it opend.

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