the trainning ground

in side the school were we all live ready for the war between the angels and dark angels but one thing only a few angels know is why the war started eny way inside the school there lives the resone but will the war help the resone.


3. her

dark blood driped from her black wings and scrapes coverd the stone wall there was no forest or gardone and she was wearing a black dress that was in taters he looked at her face and she hissed moving away from him and curling up in a corner."its all right i wont hert you just wont to talk and end the war so you can be free" at the word free she grabed his shoulders draging him throw the black wing doors and out the tunnel he came out of the building into the air  up up up untile he could not stay awake and passed out.

when he opende his eyes he was on the ground and alive then he rememberd what happend and jumped up quicly but she was laid asleep on the ground her dark hair spred out behind her head she in the moon light looked butifule and well he felt diffrent around her siting down next to her he got out the book he had found about her.chapter 1 she has a name but she only has two one her name true the other her given name we are only awere of the given name wich is lexa she will never tell you her real name because she is light and dark it would cause death life love and more so you are safe because she never even told her mother.chapter 2 her she has powers sees things and can know what things are coming and what things are in your haret  we know a few thing about her and she will talk only when she knows you are good but she has butey and will use it so never ever...he had been so into reading that he had not seen her sat up looking strait at him wich made him jump "you were reading about me interesting i have never talked to my food but i will not eat you has you have a good heart and will use it for good to stop the war i will help you as long as you help me arfter shar" he was shoked to silence because he had not expected it but he continued as ushal "ok well lets get some rest for tomorow it will be a long day ok"he said then laid down to get some rest as he was worried what would happen the next day...

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