the trainning ground

in side the school were we all live ready for the war between the angels and dark angels but one thing only a few angels know is why the war started eny way inside the school there lives the resone but will the war help the resone.


1. night fly

he lived there like all others had all there lifes the war was getting ever clowser and he new meny would die if he did not find a way to stop the war he had spent meny nights in the libary trying to find out why it started eny way then one night he went downe into the underground part of the camp he was not allowed to enter and he found this book.all is known to us is that we shall die at the hand of the coming war but we found out what started the war in history it mentions a box a hidden space inside is said to be a endless gardone and a creature one that had been stolen from dark angels an abomination and a anser only few know what who and were it is but reader you must know one thing what is in that box is dengarouse and could kill insted of save meny but inside the book along with this is all we know use it whisely or face the consiqenses as we did...

the book with it was old falling apart and coverd in deep scraches from something and inside it read.dark and butifule killer and deadly she is butfule she is the dimond of darkness wings of pure black blood of pure light and powers that out rank all angels dark and light she is hidden in plain site in the camp but be wornd she is dieing the only hope lies with the child she shall bring into the world this child is more power full than her and will diside the fate of all she is love and death life and hate be cearful reader she is screaming in a native toung lisen cearfuly and you will understand why you must help her.stund to silence he herd the scream he had been dreding all his life was "the war is here"and his last chance was to finde the dark dimonde...

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