Rose Tyson is 19 and living with her abusive step dad. Rose is very beautiful. She has long light brown hair and crystal blue eyes. Her lips are a soft pink and are perfectly shaped. She has a tall slim figure. Rose has been beaten by her step father for 4 years and has finally had it. What happens when she attempts to escape? Will she get out of the hell hole and get on with her life or will she get caught. What happens when she meats a certain British boy that goes by the name of Louis TomlinsOn comes into her life will she let him in?


2. New start

Louis POV: She is so beautiful. Gorgeous long light brown hair, crystal blue eyes and light pink perfectly shaped lips. She is tall and slim. I can't believe Someone could do this to her. She is so kind and beautiful. She is my definition of perfect. I know I must have her in my life some how. we walked up to my door and i let her in. 

Rose's POV: His flat is massive. It has 2 levels. on the bottom floor is the living room, dining room and kitchen. upstairs is where I presume is the bedroom an bathroom. The theme of the flat is white and green and hints of blue and purple Lou's flat is much more pretty than the one I shared with my "Dad." "Take a seat on the sofa I will be down in a moment." Lou told me. "Sure." I replied. I took a seat on the sofa just as he asked and sat patiently for him to come back. I took a look at my arm. It's fairly deep and long and will probably leave a scar but at least i didn't break a bone.

I heard the door open and froze. What if Cameron ha found me! that would be disastrous! A guy about Louis' age cam into the lounge room and when he saw me he froze and stared for a moment. "Not trying to be rude or anything but... who are you and why are you bleeding and sitting on my sofa?" The guy asked confused. Should I tell him? I might as well at least then he would know what was coming if Cameron found me. My name is Rose. I told him quietly as i didn't have much voice left from screaming and teling Louis what had happened. "Harry," He said kindly. "Now the reason why you're sitting on my sofa?" He asked. Louis cam in just in time with a bandage and some tissues for my nose. "Hey Rose i got you.... Hey Harry Lou said to the guy who I'm guessing is Harry and then looked between us. "So i guess you've met Harry then." He told me. "yea I guess so." I replied just as quiet as to when I told Harry who I was. "Hey so why as a pretty girl like you sitting on our sofa bleeding?" Harry asked again less suspicious now he knew that Louis knew me. I looked up to Louis and he gave me a knowing look and sat beside me and explained everything. I didn't even know i was crying until Louis started wiping them away with his thumb. i looked up at him and he pulled me into a hug then I felt another pair of arms around me. I guess Harry decided to hug me too. We pulled out of the embrace and Louis looked me straight in the eyes. "I will do anything and everything to protect you." He told me soothingly. "I will too." Harry joined in. I feel sad that I have dragged them into this. "Hey you wanna watch a movie?" Harry asked. "sure why not!" I said."Yea/ Me too!" Louis piped up. "What kind?" He asked. Horror? Louis asked. " Yes! Louis said. "Nooooooo!" I protested. "Don't worry you will have Lou to protect you!" Harry said to me. I rolled my eyes. "Fine." i said knowing I won't win this battle anyway.




Louis' POV: Me and the boys have practice today so afterwards I am going to ask Rose to be my girlfriend. I wanted her to be mine from the moment I laid eyes on her and I know that if I don't ask her after going to the studio that Harry will.

I'm in loooooove with you.... and all your little things. we finished our last song for our upcoming album Take Me Home. We all jumped into Harry's car and dropped the other boys off on our way back to the flat. My palms are sweating because I'm nervous that she will say no. OH well here goes nothing. I took a deep breath before going inside the flat Rose was watching T.V and jumped off of the sofa and hugged Harry and then me for what felt for just a little longer than Harry. "Hey Rose can i talk to you in private for a moment?" I asked her. "yea sure!" she replied cheerfully. We went into my bedroom and I shut the door.  She sat on my bed and patted the spot next to her. i sat down and faced her. "Rose..." i started. "I fell for you the moment I met you and I don't know if you feel the same way as I do but will you be my girlfriend? I asked her. I braced myself for her to say no. "Yes." she said. "Wait what?" i said confused whether she said what I thought she said. "Yes." she said again. I smashed my lips to hers and kissed her passionately. Our lips move in sync and I feel lots of spark flying with her touch. I slid my toungue along her bottom lip asking for entrance and she granted it. I have her so that she is laying on top of me now and we are in a full on make out session. I keep from then on that this was her new start and my new future.

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