Rose Tyson is 19 and living with her abusive step dad. Rose is very beautiful. She has long light brown hair and crystal blue eyes. Her lips are a soft pink and are perfectly shaped. She has a tall slim figure. Rose has been beaten by her step father for 4 years and has finally had it. What happens when she attempts to escape? Will she get out of the hell hole and get on with her life or will she get caught. What happens when she meats a certain British boy that goes by the name of Louis TomlinsOn comes into her life will she let him in?


1. The last beating

Rose's POV:
Cameron please! I begged my step father to stop he was hitting me again. Apparently I miss behaived as usual.

I got home from the park and when I got inside he started yelling at me I asked what I did this time and he slapped me so hard blood slowly started to trickle down my face like rain on a winter sunday. It started to drip onto my white short. You left without telling me where you were going and came back late at night past your curfew! He screeched. My curfew is early. I have to be home from wherever I am at 9:00 pm exactly or I get beaten. He then punched my nose making that bleed too. It flew out my nose and over my lips. It tasted fowl. Like metal or sour milk. He kneed me in the guy making me fall to the ground in pain it mad like he stabbing me with a knife a thousand times.
He only laughed at me. Please, you deserve what you get slut. He sneered at me. I scowled. He then went to the kitchen and grabbed the biggest knife in the knife block and came over slowly digging into my right arm making sure was as painful as possible. I screamed out in pain. He pulled knife out slowly as well and laughed. I think I will stop so you won't die and stop feeling pain only so you can live through hell another day. He left and went to his room. I took this chance to look at my wounds. The wound on my arm had blood oozing out of it like a waterfall. I lifted my shirt to see a massive yellow and blue bruise on my left rib cage. If also looked odd. I don't think ribcagesbare ment to look like that. I got up and went to my room grabbing a backpack and opening my wardrobe grabbing a few clothes and pj's. I ran to my dresser and grabbed a couple of hairties and my hairbrush. I quietly went to the kitchen and grabbed food water and a knife just in case. I went to the island and grabbed the money jar of money that I had saved for Cameron to buy alcohol for him and chucked it in. There is at least 900 pounds in there enough to last me a while. I went back to my room and pulled my runners on and grabbed my blackberry and iPod. I shut and locked my bedroom door and got to the front door quietly opening and shutting the old wooden door and slung the backpack on my shoulders. I started to run so that I could get as far away from him as possible I ran until my legs turned jelly like and just walked at a steady paste now not wanting to rest until I know he can't find me. He had my head down and focused on my feet as I walked thinking about what had happened when I fell to the ground with thud and wait ontop of me. I opened my eyes to be met with gorgeous blue/green orbes. They resembled th ocean. The person got off me and helped me up I looked up and took in his features. Light brown hair swept up in a messy style that suited him well. Big blue/green orbs and a slim faces. He is very handsome. Are you alright the guy asked. Yyea iim fffine I stumbled out he signed in eel wife then stared at me and went wide eyed. What happened to your face and arm? He asked sounding worried. Ummm..... I thought for a moment should I tell him? Might as well. Sit it's gonna take a while. Stated. He just nodded and sat down with his back against a brick wall of the building in front of us and I pulled my backpack off and do the same. I told everything and by the time I was finished silent tears were rolling down my cheeks. He wiped them away with his soft thumb and pullede into a soft embrace. I hugged him back. Do you have anywhere to go? He asked. No I told him. Well you do know we are gonna be room mates he told me. Oh no I don't wanna be a burden! I told him. Nahh you won't I assure you. He told me reassuring me. Louis Tomlinson by the way he said and out streched his hand Rose I told him and shook his hand. He smiled and started to walk to where I presume is his flat.
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