my secret.

a nine month diary entry of a preginant teen.


5. 5 months

Im already halve way threw witrh Fallon. I cant believe it. Im starting to show even more, every now and then my baby kicks. Lots of people ask if they can feel my belly. I find it so awkward. My parents said they will help me get threw school and collage, my mum said she will look after Fallon while i finish school. Shes  so happy, she loves babys and my father has nothing against it too. I told everyone mat is the father and his parent said they will pay for child care, !100 pound a week, they wanted to pay more,  but i wouldnt let them. Theve already done so much, and after Fallon is 1 yr old she will spend week ends with Matt, where as after 5 weeks she will spend 2 days with him every week.

My feet started to swell up, as well as my ankles. Gosh, Summer called me a oompa loompa the other day. Ive never laughed so much in my life. 

Im so lucky to have such a great life, most preginant teen get abandond by their family and friends, have to leave school, and are on their own, where as my family and friends are so supportive. I love them so much.


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