my secret.

a nine month diary entry of a preginant teen.


4. 4 months

ITS A GIRL !!! my baby is a girl, aawweee my little Fallon- May. I brough this cute pink one pice for her saying Keep calm and feed me mother. And im starting to show, but stomache is rounder and bigger, you can tell im pregginant, well if your not stupid.

The doctor told me that from now on i MUST avoid alchol drugs and have a healthy diet. (not that i smoke drink or take drugs), im gonna start getting mood swings and energy losses. Even at school everyone is starting to look after me. They threw me a play, called my secret. It was about a pregginant girl who runs away to give birth, then when she comes back she thinks everyone forgot about it, but they didnt. At the end everything turned out ok.

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