my secret.

a nine month diary entry of a preginant teen.


3. 3 months

I can feel my baby, i feel it growing. It kicked me today, for the first time. Ive gained a bit weight but i look fat, you couldnt really tell im pregginant, i cant really fit into my trousers anymore, i need a bigger size. I have to say, no period ?? GREAT!!! i hate blood, cant stand it. Now that im pregginant i dont have to have it, well for nine months.

Last night me and summer been laughing, imagine if the father was someone i hate, and it happened in the park. What if i left my baby at his door step saying you left this nine months ago, have fun looking after it for 20 years. LOOL. But i wouldnt so that.

Next month im finding out what my baby is, a boy or girl. Then im going to buy baby stuff with summer. I decided summer and masie are the god parents. And im NOT getting my baby baptised. If he/she wants to be a christian fine with me,but she should get to choose, if i did baptise her i would feel as if im making her be a christian.

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