my secret.

a nine month diary entry of a preginant teen.


2. 2 months

Wow im pregginant, this is all so weird. Me ?? it only just got to me that im pregginant. Im so slow.I hope its a girl, i would name her fallon - may. But if its a boy - as thats a possability- id call it Ricki. I hate going to the doctors, it wears me down. I get these random tummy aches and i keep on eating chocolate, i knew youd get food cravings- but this quick ?? and i sometimes i get sick at the smell and sight of chicken. I need new clothes cuz soon nothing will fit me anymore...

Somehow at school i started to be the 'realalationship adviser" girls have been comming up to me asking me what to do, and if they should do their first time just if the boy wants too. I dont care if people laugh at me anymore, ive got more friends than haters. And i might be a 15 ye old mother but i love my baby, i dicided il keep it. My lolely little baby...

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